Dreams, Technology and Inner-Space Travels

There are inner space travels which relate to soul journeying or visions.

This is when the mind must cope with what is seen in the imagination. It is as if when we dream we are looking into the world of the mind and from this we experience many situations that are often deviations from experiences we have physically in waking life.

As a result of the dream state there is an expanded quality which equates to various strange situations that we wouldn’t normally experience with various relationships between concepts or goals that are often reflective or symbolic of ideals and archetypes we experience in life. This is how the subconscious is is witnessed by the mind. This is how information travels, being connected to many times, experiences, memories, places at once, and relates to the one experience of this life experience now (the physical experiences). Through these symbols information is tied together and collective into metaphors which convey deeper knowledge.

The dreams we have are often only a simulation of waking life, and this is due to the dreamer dreaming in a way that produces only a glimpse of the true reality.

In theory, there are no true shapes or forms in the dream-world because this is contained within the mind or even the spirit as a spiritual experience by definition. So then, what guides the various shapes, forms, realities, memories and experiences into being, when we dream? One might say it is the physical experiences but this is incomplete. It is the level of awareness we presume while in the dream-state, disconnected from the physical anchor, that determines the layer of mind and spirit we will be accessing through those dream-visions.

A person who is completely aware in the dream state will reach the level of self-awareness of the dream itself. We are normally simply aware of the dream, if we continue to increase awareness we become aware of the self, in the moment, and this creates a self-awareness feedback loop. The dream becomes a lucid experience of consciousness.

Awareness Feedback Device

In describing this, I realize how fantastically similar to certain devices and processes, that can be achieved using advanced technology, allow the conscious mind to peer into the subconscious and unconscious. This is described through widely accepted Freudian theory of psychology known as psychoanalysis. There are other schools of knowledge from tribal beliefs involving all pervasive ‘living energy’, to eternal and temporary minds, to the study of ‘chi’, the meridians, dream-journeying or chakras. The knowledge of the mind and spirit is found everywhere.

These devices used feedback loops to enhance the acceleration of the same cycles of consciousness that induce self-awareness within a dream. The mind becoming aware of itself. This produces a profound effect to the degree where the highest levels of experience become a sacred eternal pattern in which the mind constructs the physical world by organizing perception.

This is the same general concept as an isolation tank yet the outcome and method is more precise. The technology specifically shuts out all other input and exposes the brain to its own feedback loop much like when a camera records it’s own output on a tv monitor and creates a hallway of simulated “reverse” mirrors and screens stretching into infinity.

Oneness, Higher Being, Completion, Eternity

The real experiences are found not from the corruption but from the research and exploration operations that were designed to find the truth of our existence. “God” is not only an energy-force but an incarnate being known as the “Hue-Man” and any being for that matter that can simply come to know itself as the Universe. The Human that contains self-awareness rising to high-awareness comes to know the self, the body, the mind as the Universe. The Universe is both within the body as the body itself, as well as the operating force of the Mind itself. Everything is a balance between masculine and feminine features, light and dark, hard and soft. There is no true complete correlation yet the holographic ontology we persist in can lead to further and further adventures towards completion and representation of the “whole picture”.

The Holographic Reality

The leads into the next phase of knowledge. The holographic nature of reality may be only one facet of a much larger continuum of consciousness. The perception of time may be related to phase-locking with each others consciousness and all perceptions may be a variance in the collective phase-locked field which is really the source of variations in reality.

6 thoughts on “Dreams, Technology and Inner-Space Travels

    1. In short, yes and no. Same idea, different application and experience. The technology can simulate any experience a brain can have and more, so factor that in. This is a complicated subject involving brain chemistry, psychology, spiritual awareness and interdimensional physics. Time and consciousness itself is a “trip” enabled by the brain.

      Interrogations and psychological profiling is often done under psychedelics and other kinds of hypnotics or memory distorting chemicals. This is about the same as someone who does psychedelics, doing an entire lifetime worth of whatever they do, in a few minutes. For that reason it’s truly not comparable. Unless one is directly attempting to turn their mind inside out while the most trained team of individuals in history is standing by monitoring brainwave signatures, thoughts, bio-rhythms, background life memories, upbringing, intelligence level, emotional maturity, etc. etc. etc., there is no way to compare it.

      Then we get to the idea that the specific electromagnetic waves can induce any kind of state imaginable and that a chemical cannot act as diversely or accurately.

      Then there is the connection that the “spiritual waves” of consciousness that move through the population can be related to “galactic”, “cosmic” or solar energy waves and that this kind of energy can directly induce out of body, transcendent, or seemingly psychedelic, psychic, psychologically activating states.

      So the notion is all around us, and all throughout history, but this technology does not give one the option of “sitting it out”, or taking a breather, one can effectively, efficiently, and accurately be transported to individual frequency realms and harmonic layers of the universe.

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