The Unveiling, Underground Bases, Increasing Awareness

I have old injuries that are influencing my situation and many challenges as everyone does.

I am not currently in distress about my own situation regarding the underground bases or covert operations.

My purpose with this is to assist the public in understanding the reality of the situation and to allow them to know that they have more options than they are being shown.

My distress is in regards to the public. The health of the people, the level of self-awareness and duality consciousness and the like. The ancient, hidden knowledge is the understanding of Humanity’s cosmic quest to know the self and know the Universe.

Programming and lack of awareness causes fear and uncertainty to leak into people’s reality streams leaving the majority of their mental or emotional energy up to whoever is the biggest manipulator of the ideals which create such leaky reality streams. “Be-LIEF” systems CREATE life. What you believe will become life. The manipulation and artificial construction of belief systems create the foundation for the reality streams that people find themselves in and at the mercy of.

We control our reality by controlling how we react to situations and challenges. Each stimuli is a challenge. Each input to the brain is a coded message from the Universe through the environment about our level of awareness or lack of awareness. All knowledge is ultimately of the self. The Self and the Universe are intertwined as if through a marriage of ideals.

The next few months should be fruitful in the unveiling of the hidden knowledge although I must admit I have delayed the unveiling of these events for many years due to my lack of self-awareness although I was still operating under the condition that this would be the best decision for Humanity.

In hindsight there are many reasons for feeling that I should’ve regained my self earlier, if there is such a notion that this is a controlled process.

Questions and Comments

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