Power and Knowledge

We were involved in the secret projects and as a result we have various levels of programming but are giving Humanity an opportunity, maybe the opportunity to know the hidden knowledge.

The Hidden Knowledge refers to the ancient laws of gnosis and spiritual alchemy, yes these groups have been hijacked by power groups that seek to infiltrate and use chaos to rule.

Then these met with military and political factions and began to operate on a world-wide scale together.

So we have a big situation with the coming change of tides with personal and spiritual awareness of the people and the deception system that seeks to use people as chattel or property.

It goes deeper and is almost as if the “power groups” actually gained the knowledge of the inner workings of spiritual laws and began to use that knowledge to promote spiritual degradation in the population.

They say this is part of a depopulation plan as well as an inevitable take over by lower spiritual forces that temp and manipulate humans.

It is all that and more.

2 thoughts on “Power and Knowledge

  1. If I consider that this universe is ALL THAT IS – and that presiding over this universe is an unfathomable UNITY – an eternal and infinite SOURCE, then I simply consider that all this “acting out” on the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensional levels is simply a GAME. It could be viewed that, like the salmon swimming upstream, we are ALL returning home to the SOURCE eventually. And all this “drama” and “chaos” are simply dances towards the infinite and eternal UNITY of all things. In this dance we move towards and away from Unity (our sacred partner), until eventually the music stops and WE collectively reminisce on how FUN that dance was. In the end we all go home.

    THEN there has been newly introduced an idea that beyond this UNIverse are infinite universes (completely mind blowing). It could then be considered that this Universe is being hijacked from another universe. In your opinion – is THIS what is happening?


    1. Yes, a “game” in the sense that there is an objective and a motion to complete from one end of a cycle to another towards completion. Whether it is fish swimming up stream, or energy and material co-existing to stimulate the physical body into motivation and fulfilment. All that is taking place is really already completed and the perception of time and incompletion is like an outfit or costume that is donned to take on an experience. It is important, but the perception that it has not already happened is a kind of dream-time.

      We could consider what is happening, in regards to a Multiverse, as an influx of information that has caused an imbalance in the intellectual and emotional, masculine and feminine qualities of the Human psyche. As a result, the grand drama is played out until the divine identities and energies are experienced consciously.


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