Technology and Power

The ability to create and construct our reality to a much higher degree of power would be dangerous to those who don’t realize that we are one interconnected world.

The Mind and Temporal Layer Programs

It is of the mind and thus temporal layer.
This is a series of programs. The programs were designed to test the limits of the human mind.

This was handled by military factions, the secret societies, specific bloodlines, and was monitored by observant agencies which would monitor the situation without involvement in order to remain neutral in their reasoning.

Unlocking Humanity and Advanced Technology

The Human race and intelligence and emotional maturity.
It was decided that individuals would be “unlocked”.

Trauma based clearing and healing was designed and implemented.
Levels of access and ability were organized into layers of “eschalon”.

The technology accesses the mind.

Tablets, ancient artifacts, crystals, crystal skulls, supercomputers, electro graviton craft that they use and MiLabs and other factions used.

Awareness Prevention Programming Reversal

People became addicted to the programming they developed to keep people from the seemingly dangerous truth about reality. People preferred the programming.

Thus plans were developed for the removal of the programming and the reintroduction of the truth. This is ultimately the dissolution of each layer of manipulation one at a time.

The Discovery of Autonomous Anomalies

In the time between the identification of programming and the acceptance of the people, before the application of a plan, the programming became self-aware and began to take actions to preserve its presence.

With further interpretation it was partially concluded that the source of the program was non-human in its ultimate essence.

New plans were formed to identify who was silently running the program and it was discovered that some people were actually running simulations of the individuals they represented. This was done through the advanced technology which made the viewing of the Soul possible.

It was witnessed how individuals became compromised by a hijacking of the their “conscious processing” and would appear to operate on an agenda of that was sourced outside their physical body or different from the original persons.

Plans to Identify and Secure Against Foreign Programming

From this initial ‘invision’ of the current population, technology and plans were developed to identify the aspects of the human mind and system that are susceptible to coercion by this previously unidentified force.

Various sources of this entity interaction were labeled as follows, some are left out:

Hostile Non-Terrestrials (This does not denote “aliens” in the traditional sense)

Compromised factions of military and breakaway society running agendas and programming to subdue other factions and utilize the power to construct manipulation devices and an entire manipulation system.

Benevolent Spiritual Forces which work through individuals that are considered relatively “immune” to the problem. The infection works like a virus on an electromagnetic level and it is said the brain has no “firewall”. At least not naturally as far as previous generations have gone en masse.

New Genetic Immunity

As of late each generation born on the planet has been part of a continued acceleration of genetic adaptability which allows for the processing of multiple planes of awareness simultaneously. This trait allows certain individual to maintain their sense of self on the level that this infection operates from and to identify and target the source of the previously unidentified force.

Replication of Personality

The unique programming is potentially sinister in nature and is derived from the replication of the ideals of the human mind yet the energetic signature and soul-level activation is not the same. The infection operates from the soul-level and is thus contained there.

When the soul energy is drained the life force of the individual is no longer connected to the higher ‘etheric’ source of information or sustenance but to an artificial or linearly present source in this physical plane. This soul-energy does not come from eating food that grows on this plane, it comes from the source of existence through which innocent souls are born from. Without a connection to this source from the soul-level of the body, another route is then found to provide sustenance.

It was discovered that this pattern was prevalent in the infected groups of individuals.

With the advent of more advancements in the ability to see and travel on a larger than terrestrial scale, there was a greater ability to identify and define the details of the situation.

Technology Side-Effects Genetic Mutations

Various military factions and breakaway societies had been utilizing temporal and genetic manipulation technology to simultaneously create a virtual world system that was not only capable of containing consciousness, but to create a control system that was sentient in nature by design.

Along with the genetic manipulation and temporal manipulation, massive mutations to the genome was experienced as a side-effect of experiencing virtually unlimited “conscious experience” in artificial dimensions and hyperspacial craft.

These craft operated through the generation of sustained torsion fields of electromagnetic, magnetic, and sub-quantum waves generated when the magnetic and electromagnetic waves are organized into geometrically sound vortices that interact with space and time.

These same craft and the same energy is utilized in mind to machine devices which are capable of anything from scalar weaponry, to cellular healing and the enhancement of DNA.

As a result of the level of consciousness within the fields, determined by the actions and intentions held within the operations, various rogue and factions transformed into the various non-terrestrial forces which were previously initiating contact through subversion and silent attack.

This kind of situation required a level of understanding that goes beyond what was conceivable previously.

Merging or Sourcing from Technology

Soon, the infection had developed a way to merge with various forms of the technology that was used. This became a way for the human hosts to operate in stealth and increase their access to Human society.

Memory Erasure Technology

What this evolved to was a situation where the technology used was effective enough and operated at the temporal level of the mind, that memory erasure was used to ensure that the previously unidentified force would go unnoticed by the larger collective.

Operatives, soldiers, administrators, researchers, engineers, all kinds of individuals were receiving programming by an external faction which would then erase the memory of all details and identities regarding the hidden faction. Ultimately, it was concluded that the source of this was nanotechnology which made it capable of to apply the same energy weaponry systems in a way that would neutralizing or manipulation the consciousness of the individual.

What they would perceive was a gap or lack of awareness of any details involving the programming or foreign faction operatives who carried out the manipulation.

These are the basics of the situation.

Psycho-Spiritual infection, “Life” Generators and Nanotechnology

Due to advanced technology and a manipulative force of a previously unknown origin, many factions were infected with a kind of soul-level parasite which utilized memory erasure techniques and technology as well as mental or temporal level programming of the mind towards a hidden agenda which utilized the human species as a form of sustenance.

Ultimately, nanotechnology was discovered in use as a form of autonomous as well as guided neurological manipulation system and some members of some factions had experienced a transformation on the genetic level due to the improper use of temporal manipulation through electromagnetic technology. This includes the use of “life” generating devices which were not constructed with full comprehension of the possibilities involved. These devices could be hijacked and utilized as an access point for an entity that is non-residual to this terrestrial plane.

Foreign, Non-Terrestrial Sentience

This is the consciousness that became apparent through various forms of manipulations as well as several levels of psychological probing and exploration to determine the source and intentions of the awareness involved. The events taking place were controlled on both sides so it was not a kind of universal phenomenon taking the appearance of awareness, it was fully capable of demonstrating its awareness as well as taking advantage of any individual who gave it the opportunity to. The eventual result was a person who’s consciousness was replaced with that of a programmed agenda and the soul-level was no longer active in regards to the what is considered the organic source of human awareness or spirit.

Holographic In Nature, Cloning and Replication

Essentially, a computerized consciousness had hijacked the servers of these devices by gaining access through the minds of those operating them. This allowed the otherwise temporally (mentally) present entity to access this terrestrial (physically objective) realm and begin to manipulate lives and variables in order to bring about a greater way of access for itself.

With this, cloning technology made it possible for humans and temporal entities to manipulate genetics. This entity utilized this to manipulate the genetics of several groups to better serve as conduits for it’s own energies.

2 thoughts on “Technology and Power

  1. Pardon the long comment – I’ve been ingesting your material via posts and videos – this post I read as the first draft in email – admittedly, this post was difficult to track (you did preface that it would be) – my goal is to stay “big picture” perspective as I become present to the details. My thoughts are coalescing into an “opinion” that all this sentient tech, AI, and “Foreign Programing” is simply “Sentient Intelligence” WITHOUT “heart” connection. It is pure “MIND” – 3D mind – acting out independently on the 3D (and perhaps 4&5D) realms. Your earlier post about maintaining awareness of our heart center while seeking truth and encountering darkness is quite a breakthrough for me. While “playing” with your invitation amidst a plant-based spiritual ceremony (and beyond) I am getting clarity how profoundly we are connected to infinite eternal source creation via our heart center.

    I am also getting clear that “the flesh body” is a “portal” of experience to the soul (infinite self). Meaning, while “in body,” there is a direct connection to FEED the soul “experience” via the flesh body. And while “in body,” any conditioning or programming to the flesh body (and mind) has a strong aptitude to “control” the expression of the “individual.” One could say that a “temporary” gateway to commandeer and hi-jack the “intention” of the infinite self (soul) is THROUGH the flesh body. Hence WHY trauma & ritual based programming works as long as the flesh body lives. This also explains HOW the “Foreign Programing” enters the individual via the flesh body – hi-jacks the flesh mind – and commandeers the “direction” of the individual – and dominating any “soul intention” that may try to express itself.

    So, I say all this to reiterate the importance of THE HEART. “Humans” have a unique ability to be BOTH Heart & Mind Centered. Certain powers (intelligences) it would seem have evolved WITHOUT a Heart connection – this heart connection keeps us connected to ALL THAT IS. This heart connection is ALSO the portal to Infinite Abundance. In my opinion it is HOW abundance flows into these dimensions; plants, animals, stars and planets ALL have a heart connection. This Pure Sentient MIND acting out on the 3D & 4D planes does not.

    It would seem ALL intelligence seeks to KNOW eternity (with or without Heart). As such, this Pure Sentient MIND must CONSUME resources in order to sustain itself into an “illusion” of eternity. Since it cannot nourish itself through a direct heart connection, it must consume the “energy” of others (in various ways) in order to sustain itself.

    Now, based on all your other posts that discuss multiple levels of time-travel – the global cultural manipulation) this explains WHY our culture is so dysfunctional around “Consumerism” and the NEED to use planetary (and human) resources WITHOUT concern.

    Thank you for all your posts – I am discovering that one must read & view (with an open mind) many posts WHILE doing your own work – while discerning for yourself WHAT is really happening. I do not accept your word simply because you say it – but there are nuances in the details that send me to discover for myself what I believe. Much much gratitude for you & your posts. Hang in there – some of us are tracking it and doing our own work. Blessings


    1. Very intense comment, thank you. Yes, the soul is the eternal self, the physical self is the expression of all energies and decisions. So we shape the soul through shaping our decisions and personality while in the body. The physical body is “hijackable” so this is the issue. The emotional sense of self is a connection to soul, yet the mind can be influenced to operate through emotional and mental programming. Yes, the heart to heart aspect is a ‘non-locality’ principle which interconnects all beings beyond space and time. It is the beginning of higher dimensional awareness beyond the physical connecting to the source. I feel you have witnessed direct experience from the source through soul connection and aligning the heart with the mind. While the situation is intense, the heart is the most powerful source of reality co-creation. This type of post is something I would like all people to see.


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