Technology, Accelerated Learning and Repair

Technology has been developed for assisted learning and accelerated repair of tissues.

Energy Generators and Serums

Generators which produce vibrations that influence the cells to heal at an accelerated rate, combined with serums that enable the fuel for chemical reactions can instantaneously repair tissues.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing at first, thinking it was a trick. There are serums and energy devices that can influence the healing and general health of the body and even mind.

These devices use energies which extend beyond the physical and are often compared to electromagnetic waves combined with ultrasonic or low to mid frequency tones. These produce harmony on a level that directly interacts with the biological functioning of the body’s cells.

I feel that this technology utilizes the same energy that is emitted from the mind and it is as if the device is “speaking” to the cells in the same kind of universal language of electromagnetic pulses, tones and vibrations.

There is information on energy devices and the use of light therapy in physical therapy today. More is being learned about the power of light and vibrations to influence the mind and body.

Genetic and Cybernetic Enhancements

Certain individuals are also genetically and technologically modified to produce a kind of hybrid human that can heal at a spontaneous rate as well as operate at a much higher rate of speed and efficiency than a regular person. Serums to induce muscle growth and mental acuity are applied, but the main condition is the enhancement of certain features through the alteration of the RNA aspect of the genes.

These features are combined with tech-assisted metabolism and certain biological functions can be enhanced or controlled via a supercomputer. These are the ‘brain-chip’ interfaces which operate to function as a governor for the mind. When the mind becomes too amped up to focus on the details the faster than thought computer system organizes the input into more useable information streams. When the mind is too slow to see the necessary patterns and variables to accomplish the goal, the brainchip operates in a self-preservation fashion and links together information streams to highlight the most viable possibilities.

Such technology is not without warning, much of this is being used heavily in the military field and this has given rise to entire factions of enhanced cybernetic soldiers. Although this is something to know, there are also many other uses for this technology and it is used by people who want to explore the technologically assisted path.

There are many other aspects of this to discuss, or at least a few important ones that will have to be understood to know the greater truth about what is happening on the planet.

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