The Ruiner – Cults and Projects and Programs (Oh my)

Please, stop the fighting amongst yourselves.  

 You’ve all been reading here for the same reason. You know your writer even if you don’t know each other and the whole reason he has created this network for you, is so you can come together, because you asked him to.  Not so you can continue the same fights.  Not to save the world.  To save your own mind.  Disconnect it from theirs, and hopefully move on with your lives.

Whether you are in a cult, a project, or a program, you have all been a part of the same structure.  You are all members within the umbrella of the “Illuminati”.  All of you. ( Not just the cults.)

Your controllers are all the same people/ beings. This structure has been outlined.  Draco control Parents. Parents control Covens.  Covens control bloodlines and all cults, projects and programs.

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