Physicality and Higher Self

Physicality and Higher Self

If reality is a coalescence of our energies from the high vibratory state into a physical “body”, then the physical “realm” is the “body” of the Universe in this sense.

If the “higher self” is the source of awareness, then who is the true self that is the source of the physical realm and existence? This is the “higher self” of the planet and entire collective physical realm as co-created by all in contact/contract with each other to do so.

Selves Communicate Through Energy and Vibration

If by being in each other’s presence we can feel emotions and intentions from the energetic level. Then by being in the space and time of this realm, we are in constant communication to the “higher self” of the realm. Yet, just as the “higher self” of the human extends from source clarity into the filtration system of the brain and body, the “higher self” of the physical Universe extends from it’s own source and therefore must be accessed similarly. People who are not unified in mind will not access each other’s energy to the same level if they were mentally acceptive of each other’s presence.

The Mind is Awareness of The Present(s)

The mind is the sense of awareness in the present and is separate from the electro-chemical processes that rely on the brain. The brain itself, the electro-chemical events govern the experience of time. Without the duality of the brain and the pleasure-pain relationship, there would be no way to draw out certain moments and accelerate others. It is from this initial create of compression and expansion that the entire experience of time exists. Then when the electro-chemical processes are advanced enough for the electromagnetic energy outside of the body to interact, the brain accesses greater or more refined experiences of “time”.

In this “time”line of existence, there is a self that must go along as the acting observer. This observer role can become interinfluenced with that of the physical body and that of the spirit. They are one in the same but at different levels and so the same rules or guidance in experience does not apply directly. In the same sense, there are many present moments (presents,presence) which are all directly viewed by one in the same “overmind”. What we call the “mind” is the awareness of this overmind in the present physical moment, which is a singularity that is infinite momentary and fleeting, IE: it doesn’t actually exist the way it is seen from this perspective as a separate thing. When a person’s awareness of the present moment is incapable of communication it is said their ‘mind’ is gone and they are asleep or otherwise inhibited.

The Physical Body, The Mind, and The Soul

The mind is sourced from the nonphysical realm of eternity, the physical body is from the temporary energy and material combinations and recombination patterns. Everything, ultimately, is patterns within patterns of various mediums, cycles, and forms. It is all vibration, energy, and frequency as Tesla speaks.

The greatest secret may be that the realm of heaven is not deep in space. That is a more eternal view of the overall picture of the duality of physical existence and non-physical existence. The realm of heaven may be found by synchronizing the processes of the physical brain and body, the pleasure-pain system, with the presence of the eternal spirit that is literally hovering all over and around the body a few feet from the center.

Within that field contains the eletromagnetic impulses and all the residual energetic memory of every action ever made in the body, or every vibration level ever emanated. So we have a liquid, etheric crystalline memory/data field that cannot be destroyed only delayed from completion or inhibited. The initial source is spirit is it even without the shape of the crystalline awareness and is entirely liquid etheric in nature (as of my experience now). This is eternally changing and ever-present. The soul, still, is tied to a slice of temporality within the whole. It contains all the eventual “programming” or memory of experiences throughout the entire physical realm.

From this external field there is a line of points in the center of the body, the self, where there is a singularization of all the eternalized vibrations of the field, the aura. This singularity is where the presence of all points come together into contact with an infinite small space, a vortex singularity, and through this the entirety of the field is interacted with through the present moment throughout the field that exists externally, and internally with the complete singularity of energy, the unification of the self through all of time. The body’s experience is powered by these vortex math based singularity generators we call the body and energy of the Universe and this is ultimately animated by the source of all life through the sub-quantum field of the Universe itself.

The Mind Selects from the Sub-Quantum Potential Unmanifested

The mind is throughout the entire body, the conscious processes are restricted to the brain. The source of thoughts and consciousness is pure mind without shape, as it becomes shaped by the filtration system of the brain into the quantum expansion of physical experience and linear time. The source of mind is pure awareness, shaped by the actual format of the physical dimension in the overall view of the Universe which is non-dual, transcendent, and beyond the limits time and space. The linear view of time is created through duality and singularity interaction, the ultimate duality, as the mind separates the source self (through mirrors) to focus on only “one” area of space and time at “once”.

This is actually simultaneously happening an infinite amount of “times” and “spaces”. It is a quantum docherence and coherence pattern that the mind “pulls” into reality experience by manifesting whatever the “most likely” to happen possibility out of the groups of individual variables and collective probabilities we perceive (or do not perceive). This means the mind will create whatever is focused on, regardless of whether experience being programmed by the programming of the electro-chemical processes of the brain, which is like the aura field internally for the body. Or whether it is initiating the flow of CREATE-ivity from the higher refined energies of subtle spirit, to the physical brain. This is prize and curse of reality, as without the possibility to actually lose control, there would be no point at all. It is down then, to the probabilities that we allow to manifest the most, as to what we will ultimately experience.

Synchronizing The Cycles of Biology and Spirit

For the mind to come into the presence of the moment, the cycles of the breath, digestion, neurological chemistry, and movement of blood have to be taken into observation and awareness without interference.

When the mind focuses on the breathing or the biological functions, and yet does not cause interference or the result of such observation does not interfere with what is happening externally, then the mind synchronizes with the biological rhythms. This begins to create a geometrically aligned “over pattern” of consciousness which contains a pattern within itself that is reflected in completion in continuing scales that extend inward and outward towards the “brain” or “higher self” of the Universe.

This pattern is the synchronization of the breathing, the heartbeat or movement of fluid energy in the body, and the electro-chemical processes of the brain. When there is harmony between these cycles, then there is an opportunity for the pure geometrically sound “eternal” aspects of the soul and higher self to operate through this information link of resonance which habituates the transfer of information as modulation waves back and forth across the time/space continuum.

The body at this point is being fine tuned to work as a harmonic resonator. The waves that emanate outward and inward in simultaneously geometrically sound fractal patterns act as a carrier medium for pure information or what is called “knowledge” and the soul and spirit level can work to communicate knowledge to this realm which we experience as “love and healing”.

Similarity to Neural Interface

This is ironically similar to a neural interface through radio frequency. The initial carrier waves cause the body to resonate in sympathy and this is detected outside the body in the space around, it essentially begins to emanate that technologically induced wave. Then a composite wave form is created when a modulator is added which then causes the brain and body to resonate at the resulting third created waveform. This is the wave that consciousness then “slips” towards in the electromagnetic and RF slope of consciousness that is created by the machines.

The Singularity and Plurality of Mind and The Self(s)

When the body resonates in sync with itself, it is a like a self-correct electromagnetic orgasm. The physical matter of the body vibrates and moves slowly but it is actually all electromagnetic from the higher vibratory perspective. This was directly proven using advanced technology, information processing, and mind enhancing techniques. From the higher “levels” which can be achieved through intent and harmony or a technological acceleration of time/space, the body is no more solid than a very persistent idea as is the entire physical realm.

The idea is that everything sources from a higher, non-physical source which is the actual prime cause of everything that is experienced physically. Physicality is the play that is acted out by the script writer. The physical body is the outfit and matter is the props. The interesting part is the the mind of the scriptwriter and the mind of the actors are one, yet the performance of the play and the script writing is seen differently. This is the ultimate paradox of self.

When the body is in synchronization from the “individual” parts that are really different aspects of the whole, then the “whole” of the energy and compression/expansion cycles can be experienced and there is progression on an overall level rather than a continuous cycling of shallow-breaths of awareness.

This connection is born through the simultaneous synchronization of all parts within the whole and this synchronization is equivalent to a temporal alignment of events and rhythms into a geometrically sound “overpattern” which is akin to the “oversoul” or higher self. That which extends into and beyond the body and the physical realm, merging one to the other.

So it is not a linear pathway, the journey towards the divine, it is a rhythmic synchronization of all of the parts of the self together into a union which provides ample opportunity for the “signal” wave of the divine to extend itself down from and into the physical realm through our mind-experience here.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Over-Soul

from Essays: First Series (1841)

There is a difference between one and another hour of life, in their authority and subsequent effect. Our faith comes in moments; our vice is habitual. Yet there is a depth in those brief moments which constrains us to ascribe more reality to them than to all other experiences. For this reason, the argument which is always forthcoming to silence those who conceive extraordinary hopes of man, namely, the appeal to experience, is for ever invalid and vain. We give up the past to the objector, and yet we hope. He must explain this hope. We grant that human life is mean; but how did we find out that it was mean? What is the ground of this uneasiness of ours; of this old discontent? What is the universal sense of want and ignorance, but the fine inuendo by which the soul makes its enormous claim? Why do men feel that the natural history of man has never been written, but he is always leaving behind what you have said of him, and it becomes old, and books of metaphysics worthless? The philosophy of six thousand years has not searched the chambers and magazines of the soul. In its experiments there has always remained, in the last analysis, a residuum it could not resolve. Man is a stream whose source is hidden. Our being is descending into us from we know not whence. The most exact calculator has no prescience that somewhat incalculable may not balk the very next moment. I am constrained every moment to acknowledge a higher origin for events than the will I call mine.

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