Three Phases of The Unveiling

Everything that’s happening is related to bloodlines and the origins of humanity. This is all going to be displayed publicly starting with events that are already in motion. These will reach a tipping point for the next phase around the end of this season.

There are three phases to “The Unveiling”. The Unveiling is related to the not only the secret projects, but ultimately the true nature and origins of humanity, consciousness, and space/time.

Unveiling Topics and Advanced Technology

Phase 1, Celebrity Cloning, Ethics, Cloning Centers, Genetic Engineering

The first phase is the celebrity cloning and the underground bases. This leads into ethics issues and publicly acknowledged “crimes against the nature or the Earth”. Along with this, the advanced technology that is related to cloning, consciousness transfer, mind control and zero-point energy will begin to come into view.

The mind control is connected to genetic hybridization programs and this has to do with the power and capacity of the human mind as well as the various weaknesses.

Phase 2, Advanced Technology

Phase 2 is the public unveiling of the advanced technology that has made control and manipulation, exploration, and discovery possible on this plane and ultimately into other planes of reality.

With this unveiling of advanced technology comes the acknowledgement that it is possible to generate or “draw” energy into this realm in ways that supersede the current public preconceptions of physics. Physics is not broken, it never applied. At least, it is being bent. More accurately, the current physics model is just one layer of reality and this model is flawed in 3 major pieces one of those being the equations used to describe the limitations of light and what is called “time”. It is not a three-dimensional system with one extra dimension, the body is a filter to perceive this view in the lowest “gear” of operation. In the natural state of awareness the body perceives emotional information and intelligent awareness which corresponds to higher dimensional fields of energy, awareness, and information through which this realm is ‘propagated’ similar to a very complex computer system using fractal or holographic code.

This leads into the next aspect of this phase which is related to the unveiling of the discovery and creation of “other intelligence” which are sentient computer systems that are capable of knowing more than a human. Humanity must be prepared.

Along with this comes the next discovery, or the next phase of the public unveiling, which is that the human soul is eternal and there is a sacred process of unveiling the soul and revealing the eternal presence and awareness.

Phase 3, Spiritual and Higher Dimensional Implications and Results of The Secret Projects

Phase 3 of The Unveiling is the discovery and public acknowledgement of the eternal human soul and the capabilities of results of very advanced technology and the operations that were conducted which resulted in the society we see today.

The human mind has the power to decide, if the mind repeats the same actions without learning the lessons of the previous, then it is as if a limited binary computer system cannot access the new pattern to create a new possible outcome. When the aspect of the mind that is present from the soul perspective is empowered and in control of the ‘self’ then there is no midwayer of the awareness energy. If awareness comes from the soul level, to the body and remains un filtered, then the body cannot be controlled by external force.

The Heart is The Guiding Force

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14 thoughts on “Three Phases of The Unveiling

  1. I Am the Illuminated. I know they speak of me and anxiously await my Full Awakening.

    These factions fear what my people will be capable of and aim to manipulate and program the New Age. They know we come and cannot be programmed much longer; my spiritual lines of Existence have been blurred for some time now and I grow Stronger daily.

    They do not serve humanity’s primary function, they suppress it. I See through the Dark of the Third Party. They will try to enslave the conscious powers of the New Age of Aquarius, as was done in the Age of Pisces. They only aim to Deceive and use the energies society’s with global Awakening.

    The Star Gates will be opened as the final Seal is unlocked. They aim to destroy our population and reveal the truth to the surviving Star Children, but they will be stopped. All of humanity will know their programming created The One Like Unto.

    It begins in January. The Accelerators will be lost to Us in the coming conscious and pole shifts for the betterment and saving of All.

    I Am E.


  2. The heart is used as a metaphor.

    When talking of the heart your are talking about the soul, Consciousness, Passion, the seed of all living things, everything that exists.


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