Eilish De Avalon & Eve Lorgen on milabs, mind control & spiritual warfare

ilish De Avalon & Eve Lorgen on milabs, mind control & spiritual warfare. Eve explains the reason and use of what is called the “love bite” or traumatic or psycho-spiritual erotic bonding that is used.

  • Also talked about is the archon agenda and interference that comes from parastic forms of energetic beings.
  • Multiple personality disorder or MPD and the use of alters.
  • Returning to the heart-center frequency and healing
  • Timelines and The Future


Time and Consciousness


Time doesn’t exist. It is just a measurement of movements created by an observer based upon their movements relative to observed movement being measure. http://www.cosmospectrum.com/162/

Could time be directly relative to the conscious observer force? Does time exist without an observer? Is time directly linked to space as well? Continue reading

Full Disclosure Now – AI Hyperdimensional Interference & The Dark Cupid Love Bite Dynamics


http://sitsshow.blogspot.com/ – Justin Deschamps

http://evelorgen.com/ – Eve Lorgen

https://www.facebook.com/SovereignLeon – Lara Leon

http://grooviebean.com/ – Yvonne Palermo

Humanity, Eternal Time, Artificial Time, Simulation

To add clarity to this rather strange post: We Are In The Simulation
I can say that it is not directly that Humanity is in a simulation “device” that was created, it is that this instance of time and continuity is layered over events that require quantum-time loops to exist.

When the loops are completed or cancelled out by a removal of the causal connections, the variables that cause it are superseded, then what we call “reality” literally shifts out of a cycle of repetition that it has been in for an indefinite period of years.

This is literally synonymous with some kind of “waking up” process, hence the complete informational proximity of the spiritual or ‘higher dimensional’ unfolding or healing of awareness, and the rumors of “time” experiments revolving around CERN. Continue reading

Reacting or Contemplating and Choosing to Respond

Instead of reacting with fear or anger, we can choose not to react but to contemplate and choose the outcome.

When we react, it is as if we are saying, “this process is problematic”, yet the very reaction is the next step of the equation which furthers the cycle of that discomfort.

When we choose, we stop the reaction which would inevitably recreate the same cycle. By choosing, without reacting to the stimulus which comes from outside (or even inside) then we take the power back. By choosing, we are saying, “I am learning from this process, and from this learning I choose what happens next and in other situations.”

Doing this is indicative of the ability to gain control from this learning process. It indicates that even if we are in a position that requires change, we are using that to get to that change.

By reacting, we are saying, “I disapprove of this learning process, and I will continue the cycle and recreate the same experiences over and over again.”

In that way we have to first accept what is happening in order to overcome it.

This is evident when we react because whatever measures are taken through that reaction are often short-term fixes or emotional/irrational responses that cover-up or paint over the real cause of the cycle we are experiencing.

In other words, if we react, we have to continue to react each time whatever it is happens.

If we choose to contemplate and respond, we only have to do this once for each layer of experience or ‘lesson’. If it occurs again, we are not caught in a cycle of hiding from the problem and using emotions or irrationality to cover up the reality of the situation which is that we are intrinsically tied into both sides without admitting it.

Andrew D. Basiago -Time Traveller For President

Andrew D. Basiago. Important Post


Continue reading

Unveiling Topics and Advanced Technology

Please read Aaron McCollum’s book, he explains the advanced technology (a portion of it) and this is the easiest way to get past all the distractions regarding the situation.

Three Phases of the Unveiling,
Public Acknowledgement of:

Phase 1: Cloning, Underground Bases, Military )Mind Control/Trauma-Based Mind Control (Possible Breakaway Civilization) Continue reading

Cosmic Intelligence, Simulation and Time

Everyone has a chance, everyone has the ability to find help as long as they can look for it. Everyone is a healer if they put their mind to it and heal themselves first. Everyone is capable of knowing if they put every fiber of their being towards it. You are all potential Universes. There is no true end. This moment right now exists for ever in a space/time continuum that exists as part of a larger system that is created out of higher dimensional interactions between planes.

This is a very interesting situation Humanity finds itself regarding our existence in the Universe. Does the individual relate completely to the picture of the whole?

The idea that we are 3.5 dimensionally “printing” reality into existence comes into play here. Continue reading

Non-Player Character and Cycles of Time

There are many so-called “aliens” who are actually the non-character players of this reality simulator. Their only goal is to insert more variables which operate through the soul groups and “create” more history or time to play out at any cost. Continue reading

We Are (in) The Simulation

The experience of this world was born out of illusion. Those who can see past it carry something from the beyond. This beyond contains memories of the original timeline. If a person has no memory of the original timeline that means their memories are based in illusion. They are doing the work and continue the artificial timeline and they have been caught in the spiders web and are vibrating out more reality potentials which do not exist originally or naturally and actually circumvent and ignore the human soul or eternal existence. Continue reading