Changes and The “Cure-All”, Herbal Healing

I was informed that this is part of the big process of unveiling the hidden knowledge. This is about herbal healing. Herbs, essential oils, frequencies, plants, balance within the body’s systems.

Herbs like turmeric, cinnamon, and ginger and healing plants along with the vital bio-available nutrients in plants. Humanity is currently separated from this form of healing. The land and the natural resources are polluted and the body is as well. What happens to Earth, happens to the human.

Herbal healing and vital eating can not only bring health but can have an impact on the environment dealing with physical pollution. From mushrooms that can digest oil as shown by Paul Stammet:

Some of us have been here before, and there are multiple reality streams present. In one of them hemp and cannabis is used to reverse the DNA damaging effects of basically all the poisons that have been ravaging all life on Earth.

Could this be what initiates ‘higher’ cycles of change in society? If it is acknowledged that cannabis is one of the ‘cure-alls’ on Earth and can heal or slow the damage from wifi, free-radicals, mental/psychic attack, programming, brain and body disease, and that ‘highs’ are related to enhanced or altered perceptions and psychological states while alcohol, chemical sedatives, depressants, barbiturates, stimulants, and others are merely blocking out or numbing those signals of the brain.

This is about the possibility of using hemp to replace plastics, oils, fibers, clothing, and to produce food along with many other products.

CBD’s and juicing are what the health aspect is about. This is the main aspect. It’s not about people getting stoned although that is something. It’s the fact that those oils and juices can actually reverse all the diseases and disorders that are plaguing Humanity, being caused by artificial products that people buy, and are profited off of by the harmaceutical and private for profit prison industry.

Then the nature of psychedelics, and the relation to the tribes and the ancient civilizations, the nature of reality, vibrations, energy, consciousness, all would begin to unravel and change the perspective of psychology, leadership, death, and ultimately the entire deception based system.

Finally, people would have to come to terms with the reason WHY they were misinformed. This would change their understanding of authority FOREVER.

This would be a beneficial way of doing this. If we come to terms with the deception system through the masses not being reached and continuing to buy into the system until it up roots them, then we have a repeat situation of economic drain and recovery but the chances for this will likely never be the same again.

Quantum computers have been developed that guide the decision making process of changes and only a mass communal ‘reaching in’ of the people to each other to show and see the truth will change the outcome.

It’s about the heart. If people want a war over ideals and differences, then reality becomes a war-zone at the cost of the true cure of existence. If people see through the heart, then the truth will be safely understood starting with those who are aware of where all of this is going and the possible ways it can play out.


The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration will reclassify marijuana as a “Schedule Two” drug on August 1, 2016, essentially legalizing medicinal cannabis in all 50 states with a doctor’s prescription, said a DEA lawyer with knowledge of the matter.


The ultimate truth comes from the public admittance that our brain produces cannabinoids to heal and that the entire drug war was to produce a viable black-market that could be used to generate income as well as control the populations ability to heal itself.

“Breaking news” is often just part of a script, but this touches on the coming changes.

4 thoughts on “Changes and The “Cure-All”, Herbal Healing

  1. Im yet to watch all of this explosive 30 min video. Please pass it on
    GcMAF: A human right against 90% of all human cancers and other illnesses too. I think this might be possible to make at home in a Kefir type yogurt/Olive oil Oleic Acid/ Vitamin D3 mixture. Vaccines destroy our own cells’ ability to manufacture our own GcMAF. Its a human protein that cannot be patented which is why ”they” wish it just didn’t exist. It supercharges our immune system Macrophage Activating Factor.


  2. Weed helps heal mind-controlled victims broken compartments by rejoining them in a natural way and this helps the victim regain the memories and break from the control.Was used and still is used in religious ceremonies.Ginger is an antibacterial-one of the bests.Virtually all diseases can be reversed with herbs including cancer, hiv and diabetes.There is also great cheap drugs that can also be home made like Hydrogen Peroxide and colloidal silver that are not only cheap but very effective.If majority of the society knew just this with the exception of psychedelics such as DMT,the pharmaceutical corporation would collapse.I’m speaking from experience here


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