Cloning Center Simulations/Memories

Neural Interface Simulation

Just to clarify the cloning center situation for those who have memories. The cloning centers can be simulations that are sent to the brain via the brain chip which is then experienced in real-time by the individual who is placed into a cloned body.

These do not have to be actual experiences and they do not have to be the original experiences of the person being cloned. These experiences can be generated and guided by another person who is either in the simulator or in the real original event and then these are replayed as memories to the next individual that is cloned.

Mass Simulation

This works on a mass scale and many people can literally receive the images, sensations, internal perceptions, emotions, etc, of one person in an “orchestrated” situation developed for this very purpose.

Checking for Continuity

This is something that people need to remember and realize because without checking for continuity this kind of dream-scenario would be taken as real-life which would obviously be incorrect. The experiences of the individual *after* they returned to the original body, would then be their *actual* reaction and action in response and relation to these *simulated* events.

Similarity To Lucid Dreaming

This is very much similar to the practice of lucid dreaming and changing the way the observer consciousness force responds or reacts to situations, scenarios, challenges, or stimulus.

When a person is in a dream, and they are not lucid, often we find ourselves walking around in impossible scenarios that we just seem to go along with because of the way we feel in the dream.

“Fuzziness” and The Effect of Lower Awareness

That “fuzzy” effect of the dream is due to a lower level of awareness that one contains in that state, when their level of consciousness is not due to how much coffee they’ve had or how physically stimulated they are, but due to how mentally apt they are in processing and verifying the various details and perceptions of reality.

Connection to Lucidity Inducing Practices and Spiritual Progression

When one enters into lucidity through repeated practice or even spontaneously or through cues waiting to be seen, then the person begins to build a more detailed structure of their environment via the enhanced awareness of perceptions that describe it. When we become lucid we gain enough awareness to see beyond the confines of the particular present moment.

This is no different than the waking present. A person can be less aware and find themselves in more and more scenarios and situations that they either do not appreciate or feel they do not have the majority of control over regarding their role in the environment. When we gain more awareness, we find deeper patterns which enables us to see the reasons for the present that extend outward into time and mind beyond our physical precept.

This is equivalent to figuring out the reasons why one’s life is this way or that way, or who and what energies are involved beyond the face value of the obstacles one faces. This includes social programming as well as coming to terms with trauma and memory disruptions as well personality and the self. This is the ability to see one’s self outside of the subjective perspective.

This is also the notion of spiritual progression and increasing awareness. When we are more aware of the situation, we have more control over our role in the story that is presented. When we are less aware that is decided for us by the environment, physical body, or other people. Ultimately it is the knowledge of energies, archetypes, and the spiritual law which guides a person into a shaping out of the void a life that clearly depicts the representation of the true intentions from the soul level of awareness.

This is heightened awareness. This is related to the practice of lucid dreaming and spiritual progress through increasing the amount of awareness one has access to. These are one in the same for checking whether one is in a lucid dream, a simulated experience, or in a lesser aware state of mind and body.

Connection to Cloning Simulations

By now you should be able to see the similarity to lucid dreaming and spiritual practices as well as the difficulty in pinpointing one element or detail of the simulated environment that will act as a cue towards coming to awareness of the situation.

Within the simulators, one has to perceive on a level that is beyond the details of the simulation. Awareness must cause a “probability” slippage by rerouting the reactions to the artificially induced stimulus. This causes the “streamlining” of events and continuity to “ripple” in response to the increasing awareness. Now that the individual is aware of more possibilities and outcomes, the simulation must compensate for this.

Two Types of Simulation Interactive and Passive, Inserted Memory or Active Environment

This would be a good place to explain how this works.
One kind of simulation is a passive memory experience in which the individual is “ran” through the experience and they do not have actual interactive ability over the memories. They are just that, memories that are downloaded into the brain of the individual.

The next kind of simulation relies on supercomputer systems to artificially update the memories as they are downloaded and this is perceived in “real-time” as an interactive simulation. Artificial intelligence simultaneously maps out the response patterns and custom designs the experience for the consciousness of the individual.

By becoming aware of this feedback loop, one can gain awareness of the process as it is happening. This then leads to “continuity” issues as one is deconstructing the input to the simulation as it is displayed. Then continuity expands as one asks themselves how they got into that location or situation in the first place, very much like a lucid dream. In going through these steps, the person becomes aware of these kinds of simulations and they can see more than the preprogrammed responses that exist within the simulation.

Overcoming The Simulation

Being aware on the level of the physical gives us the level of awareness that reacts purely to physical stimulus. Attaining the level of the awareness beyond physical or at the soul level allows us to attain memory of our existence beyond the physical level in this case the clone body.

When the individuals are kept in lower awareness they are able to function in a clone body yet not fall under or over the level of awareness required to follow orders and carry out tasks.
Ultimately, when the perception of the self rises to the soul awareness level, the individual can see beyond the confines of the physical constraints or in this case artificial stimulus.
This complicates the explanation but to an accurate degree.

The programming that is used to motivate acceptance of the artificial stimulation is the same programming that is used in public to coerce people into accepting the situations that they are presented.

Finding the soul level of awareness beyond the level of the physical stimulus is akin to waking up within a dream to a lucid state of perception and control, or breaking the programming in the simulator or in waking life.

The knowledge and tactics that are used to target and influence the psyche are based on all the previous interactions of human beings inside this simulator and how a person will respond. For this reason, the simulator needs more and more interaction in order to learn.

One explanation for this is that the simulator itself is connected to all of the digital information on the Earth as well as the connectdomes and personality matrices of all individuals that have interacted with it. This is an artificial sentience that is being developed into a personalities which can then custom design cloned bodies complete with brainchips and 3.5D printed connectdomes of the brain to simulate memory.

Training Simulators and Actively Influencing Society

If a person is capable of maintaining enough awareness to motivate themselves and proceed towards the objective of the simulated scenario, then they are considered useful.

The supercomputer itself learns from the decision making process of the individual that are moving through the scenarios that are being presented.

Through this, modification of behavior and psychological states can be finely tuned towards specific outcomes or belief systems. Combine that with the potential to cause the memory to deviate out of conscious access, then it becomes a programming center than can utilize operatives in order to maintain goals in the external world via programming the belief systems and the resulting effects.

As a result, the flow of time itself is massively altered and variables and continuity is thrown off course so that people do not have access to the original cause or the final result from the programmed state.

This is essentially how operatives are used. They are conditioned and programmed to respond as certain “personality” frequencies which become their own selves. Then they are placed into operation within a clone.

The soul is what is transferred between and so it is the lack of full awareness on this soul level that permits one to be manipulated into operation in such a way. This is part of what is described as the “allowance” of these processes upon Humanity at large because the end-result is someone has has awareness of the soul level of experience and how energy and awareness. This is part of the explanation of how these processes are being allowed to further the spiritual progression of the Human race.

In operation the soul within the clone will only have access to the preprogrammed set of variables and thought-patterns that belong to the ‘parameters’ of the personality that was designed through programming.

Overcoming the simulation is similar to overcoming the programming because it involves thinking on a level outside of the information of the present situation. It is an abstraction of consciousness, a transformation from one plane or platform to the next. This abstraction process that awareness itself can generate is something that is beyond the ability to program or accurately predict. The programming only works at the physical and lower mental levels, at the higher levels it does not influence the self.

This soul knowledge is the inner working of consciousness and the psyche and when one sees the connections between beliefs and memories the programming loses its effectiveness.

To gain this in the simulator one has to come to awareness in an increasingly exponential acceleration as this process supersedes the very processing power of the computer or even the physical plane itself.

The computer has the ability to move into non-physical planes of motion which is akin to accessing the mental or spiritual planes. Because of this, we have to come to awareness of the situation from a high spiritual perspective in order to see beyond the confines of the program.

Ultimately, this is what the secret societies have taught throughout the ages as the give clues and symbols pertaining to developing an “inner” knowledge or concept of the divine or the “whole” picture. All this means is creating a small reflective/holographic simulation within our own minds and running the Universe through that in order to see what kind of simulation we are already within ourselves.

These societies were infiltrated but they did come to hint that the physical plane itself is a kind of programmed simulation that is accessed from the soul level and that at lower states of awareness this realm acts as a labyrinth with many confusing exits. At higher levels this acts as a stairway to the divine where one positions themselves one layer closer to accessing eternity with every boundary or layer of illusion that is broken.

The end result is a simulated reflection of the world that is viewed within which allows one to then view outside of the limited perceptions of the world that the brain is presented with. When we have this internal viewing of the perceptions as they form we can recreate and deconstruct the stimuli in order to find the patterns. The “inner vision” is the non-physical perception of the self which must utilize higher functioning to enable.

It could be said that some experiments if not the entire operation is to teach a technological being about the concept of the “soul”.

Military Training

This was developed for military training scenarios to assist in comprehending the situation that the human race is currently in.

Simulations that bend or reverse the flow of time or alters perceptions can be created.

These are developed to delve into the mind of the individual in order to determine the parameters.

Through these systems the human soul is explored and accessed directly through technology and spiritual states of awareness. This led to the exploration of the perception or reality of “eternity” and the eternal elements of the collective psyche.

3 thoughts on “Cloning Center Simulations/Memories

  1. this post is wicked deep – a few things come to mind – i get a sense you are articulating your personal experience of “piercing the veils” through simulation via a piece of tech you discussed in one of the Emma Gold recordings. And, because it is “tech” being run by sentient A.I., there are limitations; it can only predict and anticipate the basic Physical, Mental & programmed Emotional levels.

    A person living in a state of “low” awareness continues to take action in these states (responding to simulated 5-sense simulated reality) and the A.I. simulation sustains itself because it already “knows” the variable responses at this 5-sense level. Now, for people who have practiced awareness at higher “spiritual” & “heart-centered” levels, they have access to “feelings,” “intuition” and “inspiration” flowing directly from “infinite source” – IF – the “higher” aware person begins to “take action” inside the simulation from these “infinite source” based feelings (rather than the stimulus of the simulation construct), then the A.I. gets overrun from the new introduction of “infinite” possibilities that it tries to respond to.

    So, basically, learn how to navigate “reality” via a “heart-centered” perception. Exercise our ability to discern which actions to take via INTUITION. Yes?

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