The Eternal Collective

Either we have a pattern and intention that changes things here, or we are merely absorbed into the background radiation of the Universe. If we can attain a pattern and level of awareness and interaction which goes beyond the same patterns that automatically play over and over, and we create our own eternal addition, then we exist in eternity.

That’s just the thing though, all the base patterns, they play over and over eternally. Life is always life and death is always death. Every way, shape and form of existence, each possible timeline, already all exists in the same space. It is our mind, our consciousness and the various ways the brain is programmed by its environment and the spirit or mind can overpower and reprogram the brain, that decides our perception of time and thus the kind of space and world we inhabit.

This is a collective realm, so we’re always aware of here, and how we all exist. As we move closer to a singularization of information and (consciousness)space we become more and more aware of these kinds of secrets and how everyone’s ego consciousness is a form of internal secrecy that affects our own self image the strongest. When we fully merge the singular conscious mind with the neverending subconscious and collective we know everything. What that said, this process of merging and striving towards progress never ends.

It is like we are playing a game, yet it is the most important game that influences the rest of cosmic existence.

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