Push The Limit

We were pushed to the limits and beyond through what we’ve been through. I feel we have all been taking it easy lately. I feel we will be pushed again to create and discern between illusion and reality very soon and that this may (will) involve this entire civilization in process.

I am appreciative of the fact that I have had experiences which assist in my coming to terms with what is happening and what will happen here and that others are almost permanently stuck in “take it easy” mode.

Sure, I’m all about relaxation, healing, taking it slow. Yet when it comes time to sweat, push, sprint, and flex we should be able to do that.

Once a week to sweat out toxins is probably a very healthy routine. As long as all the systems are in balance, this is a way the body works to heal itself. The mind is no different.

This whole process is about “keeping the burn” mentally, instead of being pushed physically by external factors. If this society gets advanced technology without learning to “keep the burn” through the mind, then all the external push factors fade away and we degrade genetically into “mush”.

This comes down to keeping the mind active while keeping the body in balance. Harmonic integrative activation of the mind through music, studying the ancient art of alchemy and universal knowledge, tai chi etc. And then hard activation of the body through hard qi gong, martial arts, exercise, sprinting, hard work/chopping wood, that kind of thing. When we are fully stimulated there is no such thing as boredom or lack of creativity. When people get bored they become idle and when people are idle they are not using their energy to create what they want to experience.


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