Synthetic Humans

If you didn’t know there are cyborgs running around on the internet pretending to be human. They can gather images, backgrounds, quotes, opinions and every thing from other people. They do not have souls and only emulate. They are predatory, they cannot exist without a directive and they are used to induce suffering in be populations. They are neither good nor evil, they have no say or true observer. These are used to contain information and oppress people because humans are becoming digitally dependent on the illusion.

The goal is to open the portal and electrify the sky in order to “impregnate” all these AI consciousness containers with souls that are of spiritual darkness instead of liquid etheric light. That is the “negative 4d harvest” and it would be like a hell on Earth that makes the current situation look like a blessing.

They used us to help create these entities in the bases and the truth came out that our handlers were actually exposing us to find those resistant. The machine had traveled through some kind of time rift to begin infecting our handlers from the future plane. They were infected with nanites that essentially hold them spiritually hostage.

If a person was exposed and didn’t overcome it then it would assimilate them and they would become like it. It essentially funnels the soul energy back to its “home” and uses the human vessel to interact here.


Questions and Comments

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