The Breeding Program

I don’t know about the stolen riches of Jews, or concentration camp involvement in this. That may be disinfo. But the breeding program was initially to secure the future of the blonde hair blue eyes genetics. Sound a bit wild but this is how a breeding program works and is a large part of what happened previously. Genetics were sent back and forth transtemporally as well as living with this surface society and completely independent from the surface human population. The results are two complete societies, one that contains no knowledge of their origins or the reality of their control systems and one that acts as the knowledge keepers of this reality and exist beyond the control system of the surface population. That should make this easier to understand in context with the previous “world war” which was entirely fabricated based on the necessity for a transition of wealth and authority from one side of the world to the other. The same power group empowers both sides, but when a change of scenery is required to transfer wealth and authority in accordance with the overall plan, we get large wars. If we choose to see from a new perspective and break the pattern then we can create a harmonious society but this will not happen until people are motivated by the development and awareness of the true self, not the purely physical.

Questions and Comments

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