The ‘Light’ Faction and The Probability Matrix

The group that interceded when the dark cabal factions had almost removed and completely assimilated my soul claimed they rely on reality-stream probabilities IE, the bio-emission to “step in”.

The dark factions rely on ‘negative’ bio-emissions or basically emotions that come from a reversal of the natural flow of bio-emission energy in what can be called the “energy system” of the body. It would be reasonable then that the ‘light’ factions or ‘whitehats’ rely similarly on the positive bio-emissions from a fractally organized, harmonically resonant bio-emission system. This would be the mind, spirit and body and the way they interact either through wholeness/”wholiness”, or through partiality and imbalance. It could be said then, that if sin is “missing the mark”, then partiality and imbalance is what results in the mind not being fully aware of the actions.

The Ability to Discern

This psycho-spiritual feedback loop of completing the awareness of the soul and spirit with that of the body through the mind is what determines our ability to discern against what is created out of the filtration system of the brain and what is actual reality that remains unfiltered and unshaped. This discernment process is the sacred practice of unveiling the soul and seeing the the central observer within is the creator of events by choosing what to allow in as part of that feedback loop.

Hijacking Bio-Emissions

We have seen how the feedback loop has essentially be ‘hijacked’ by entities that desire to replace one’s own intentions or stipulations with that of another mind or simply a mindset that doesn’t serve our true self. This could be seen as much as an entity personally hijacked an individual or the individual personally succumbing to the “sin” of the ego to miss the mark of the whole, IE: cosmic consciousness. Thus the attack on Humanity becomes the “fall of man” from ancient times and we get several other myths and legends of ‘civilization-changing catastrophes’ some of which are reinforced by geology and external observation while others are seen internally as part of the spiritual identity of Earth and Humanity. This story often goes beyond the confines of this realm, or this plane, depending on how you want to look at the situation. The physical universe itself is the confine of ultra-dimensional spiritual forces and does not encompass the entirety of what Humanity has experienced and interacted with.

With Higher Frequencies, The Higher Probabilities Are Enabled

So to conclude this, the light factions seemed to only be able to resonate and thus enter into the reality-stream of the individuals who make way with their frequencies and align themselves with the following of spiritual laws resulting in a harmonious lifestyle. I’m not here to claim it is that simple and that the dark faction is simply not harmonious as that is way to partial of an explanation and of course there is harmony where there is the ability to gain such power. Yet the spiritual laws define harmony through our interactions here and the spiritual law of harmony is actually just one of them. Along with this I’ll say that most of these individuals follow the ‘cosmic’ or spiritual laws, it’s simply that they can be used to feed the ego which is temporary and binds to experience based on the differences, or to feed the true spiritual self which is eternal and binds to experience based on similarities.


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