The Line In The Sand

Operatives Used For Violence Or Mental Ability

There seems to be a line drawn in the sand between those who were used for violence and those who were used for viewing or other purposes. I feel it’s a very complicated issue that requires more than an outside view. I’m glad others are here to inform us.

I also have various training, simulation, and tech-assisted combat memories and situations that are rough to perceive. It would seem this whole thing was about control or violence in some way or another. This is changing now as the truth is coming out.

Class-Action Lawsuit Regarding Secret Projects

All of this is supposed to lead to a class-action lawsuit where all the individuals involved can come forth and present their case. This is part of the supposed rumors about a financial transition.

Financial Transition

I call them rumors although I was there speaking with the very people that everyone is talking about or referencing. There is supposed to be a transition within the financial system. Eventually there is supposed to be public acknowledgement of the secret projects in the three phases that I have described. Cloning and the genetic enhancements (uber man) projects are first. Then advanced technology and the mind control capabilities. Then the results of using the advanced technology on our timeline, the Universe and Humanity. Through this, there is advanced technology that can see into time and space and observe people anywhere. Every action that a person performs can be seen and recorded and then used as part of a system. This is what people reference all over, even certain groups today are projecting this as a spiritual system which does exist, but they are not aware of the advanced-technology that is capable of doing this. There is technology capable of recording everything on the internet and so all of our chats and posts can be compiled to create an outline of our personality.

The Great Shift

If there is to be a great shift, this is the start of the end of privacy. The end result is not that the world is without privacy, but that Humanity may become fully telepathic again as empaths are those who never lost the gift. You may have read that the electromagnetic fields can facilitate telepathy, well this can also be ‘jump started’ by specific geological, artificial and celestial events.

Team Light and Team Dark Non-Interference Agreement

The Beginning of Soul Transfer

Sheep Dipping

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