The MOGS (Machine Organized Gang Stalking)

This blog post explains it all!

Video Breakdown – Most of this information is directly portrayed by the author:

  • The NAZI’s internal MKULTRA projects went PUBLIC to the rest of the society.
  •  7:20 – Psychotronics, Directed Energy Weapons, ELF & Microwaves
    • Used to insert psychological states, cause mental illness or physical pain, can be done from a distance
    • Antagonism or Motivation to various outcomes
  • 8:40 – Operation Iraqi Freedom (VoiceToSkull) & Palm Springs Report
  • 11:00 – Entrapment/Gaslighting
  • Many Inventions and Operations

  • Three Steps
    • Isolation
    • Attack
    • Supression
    • Learned Helplessness
    • Masslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
  • Masslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs
    • Self-Actualization
    • Esteem
    • Love/Belonging
    • Safety
    • Physiological
    • Coordinated Stalking and Antagonizing
    • Skits and Routines
    • Utilizes Microchips and Atmospheric Weaponry
  • Semantic Priming
    • Verbal Priming
    • Visual Priming
    • Large Media Systems: TV, Internet, Social Media, Internet Search, Radio and more
    • Primes the Primer’s
    • Ordered Pairs of Words and Images (Combining Symbols and Emotional Responses)
    • Advertising and News Media
    • Manufactured Consent
  • Psychological Triggers
    • Black Mail
    • Sexual Triggers
    • Fear, Embarrassment, Learned Helplessness, Conscious Allowance of Obvious Psychological Manipulation
    • Courting Rituals
    • False Interest: Wastes Time and Money
  • Entertainment Theater
    • The attackers perceive great entertainment from the psychological damage of the targets, their brains are primed for this whether they are aware or not
    • Uses Cinema, Music to create Role-Play Mind Control using Priming and Directed Energy Weapons
    • People then emulate the sitcoms and movies or celebrities they see. They play the role
  • End Goal – Eugenics
    • Breeding A Controlled Society/Species
    • Creates Psychological Profiles for Life
    • Control Environmental Conditions
    • Leads to Learned Helplessness and Hopelessness
    • Accesses the Mind to Access Behavior, Accesses Behavior to Shape the Genes Over Generations
  • Eugene’s Agenda
    • Protect Power Structure
    • Gather Information
    • Distract and Divert
    • Corporate Rerouting of Ideas and Creativity/Inventions (Takes ideas/brainwaves and gives them to Selected Groups or Individuals


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The Machine – Strategic Operations, Tactical Capabilities, and Silence Noise Sequences (blog post)


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