Ascension Devices

Technology has been created that increases the vibrations through intensity or harmonization. These are referred to, in part, as “ascension devices”.

Some were the result of the weaponization of what can be referred to as “Tesla” tech.

The basic idea is that the “rougher” one which can also act as a kind of torture generator simply intensifies the vibrations or frequencies that one is emitting. The device feeds back one’s own bio-emissions to the body and mind and then depending on how one reacts these vibrations increase in intensity and drop down into frequency lower and lower bringing up the possibility of death or destruction on an electromagnetic level.

If one’s bio-emissions are on a naturally harmonically increasing scale or tend then the device will act as a feedback loop which increases the frequency and intensity until that harmonization completely encompasses the physical being and the energetic mind.

The other device that has been created utilizes a harmonization effect of the mind and body and this acts as something that brings out the trauma of the mind and even on a soul level until all the systems are aligned and working in unison together.

Both have the potential to cause great distress as the latter ascension device surely brings out all trauma to the surface and as the bio-emissions become drawn into a feedback loop one becomes increasingly aware of their true nature as an energetic source of experience. This begins to merge the conscious and “subconscious” mind, the ego and the more complete portion of the Universe that we are truly connected to through the sub-quantum level.

The former device, if not utilized correctly, could be perceived as an energetically crushing weight which drags one down further. This is akin to one running from their own shadow until they are out of energy.

If one’s natural tendencies are to increase in vibratory awareness via the naturally created feedback loop and resulting higher awareness of the body, mind and spirit tertiary system, then these intensities will only cause a further increase of self-awareness.

This is the nature and reason behind lowering the populations vibrations or mental and emotional states because if this technology were to be deployed or the results created naturally, then the unaware will sink further into unawareness yet with an intensity that is beyond physical limitations.

It is no different than entering the dream state with a perspective of fear or higher awareness and bringing those energies into an experience. This is simply technologically assisted and increased beyond the rate of change that we are normally exposed to in waking life.

Without the current obstacles we may naturally experience very intense changes or rates of acceleration of experience due natural removal of blocks or memory gaps. Vision states, dreams, spiritual awakenings and other experiences are the normal “norm” by comparison to the current state of energy and awareness.

It’s like an intense balancing act of energy and mind in that what we release or generate is what we see fed back to ourselves and so as this continues the energy increase and the likelihood of something unexpected increases as the energy increases.

With practice, balance, and calm introspection and acceptance of what is we become more in tune with this process and our entire system becomes naturally harmonized.

There is a possibility that these devices are in operation today with the goal of maintaining a certain state of awareness. This may be a limited effect in that they will only be permitted to be used in this fashion for a specific time and after that time all energy will be permitted to rise.

The issue with that is that with such low states that are being experienced now if the energy were to suddenly be released from oppression then the rate of acceleration would “slingshot” towards the highest possible levels. This is dangerous as a quick acceleration of awareness brings about the dissolution of residual trauma and for this to happen the conscious mind must remain aware and steady in observation.

Observing without reacting, experiencing without attaching, and letting go of the pains and trauma of forgetfulness and lower vibratory experience is key.

4 thoughts on “Ascension Devices

  1. YES – “Observing without reacting, experiencing without attaching, and letting go of the pains and trauma of forgetfulness and lower vibratory experience is key.” I am inspired to work this perspective into my daily existence – to challenge myself to receive experience without creating “importance” or “significance” – even when the experience is confronting. This nugget is another one for me to print out and keep around the house. Thank you.


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