The Negotiations

I was granted the presence, the possibility, the right to witness as well as take part in the negotiations for world peace.

Others were there. The secret projects were, in part, in preparation for these experiences.

We are in a transitory position in Humanity’s existence. All life on Earth is affected just as much as it is being affected by the current spiritual and physical degradation.

I was informed that the ‘elite’ we know of as rulers are not the original nor total elite. That the true elite has watched over our civilization since the beginning and has no need to meddle in affairs.

They said the ‘power elite’ was granted wealth and knowledge so that they could mediate between the unaware of Humanity and the power to control or deviate from the mundane reality of this civilization.

It was said that this power elite had gone too far, taken too much pride, become degraded and unnecessary and that through this they would be slowly ‘healed’ by being marginalized from their power in the same way that many individuals throughout history have been marginalized and ‘erased’ from view as a result of their nefarious tactics.

It was said that they did not originally intend to absorb wealth, power and knowledge but to act as midwayers and that the collective spiritual degradation of the species is associated with this disruption of the natural transfer of power, knowledge and wealth that happens from age to age. This process was superseded and used to their advantage and instead of transferring power they retained it by replacing the new power keepers each time until there was no one left.

At this point, the only change that can happen, is that each and every person on the Earth is more worthy of power than those who have abused it and retained it for so long.

This is why the sacred knowledge of the hidden reality and invisible nature of Humanity is being released now. This is why the financial systems are no longer holding up to their predetermined holographic representation in connection with that power elite. This is why all control systems are failing to maintain control.

There is a particular situation we are in now. The only way that the “old world” power elite would retain their position is if it was unanimously decided that Humanity was incapable of progressing beyond their chains and boundaries safely and without bringing harm to themselves and Earth. This is the attempt for mass unrest, these are the pushes towards submission and a relaxing of our internal wealth of awareness and power. Even this, it was said, is impossible. The act of transition, the internal rising of awareness and power is guided not by the power elite, nor is it suppressed entirely, it is truly guided by the Universe as a whole.

This relates to DNA, spiritual fulfilment, and the true knowledge that is leaking out and being revealed from behind every plainly painted facet of existence such our history, collective awareness, true spiritual power, the reality of the soul, the power of DNA and awareness, the reality of life and death and ultimately ALL the LIES that Humanity has been sold, given, forced upon, or exposed to.

AS the lies are continually exposed the power elite has opportunities and choices. They can allow the population to wake up, or they can take increasingly obvious and dangerous measures towards suppressing that internal rising of awareness.

They claim this is the new era and that if they truly attempt to stop all and any rising awareness, that they will be as a moth to a lightning strike and they will be no more, even in their cybertronically reinvented states.

It was decided that like any true coming of age situation, Humanity cannot merely be “given” the keys to true knowledge and awareness. They can be shown the foot path, which may sometimes seem like a vertical rock wall, but even that can and is climbed by those who have been prepared throughout the ages.

The blood of those ancient supersede the wealth and electronic capabilities of those in power. This is widely known. Terms like “whitehats” or “team light” were thrown around but I do not trust any labels or suppositions.

As Humanity begins to wake from their slumber, as they throw off the chains of forgetfulness they will be faced with even more daunting odds, suppression and trivial nonsense.

Only when the impossible odds are infinitesimally small by comparison to the rising power of awareness within. Only when the trivial nonsense is instantly converted into the truth behind the presence of such behavior and the reality of it’s presence at the time. Only when people are no longer accepting of those chains and flashing lights of spiritual lack and bio-chemical addiction will the choice be made.

Those who are prepared to know and see, are doing just that at this very moment. This has not happened in thousands of years upon Earth and this has not happened yet in this civilization of Humanity.

There are many secrets, many surprises, but none the more shocking that Humanity has been kept in a spiritual, metaphysical cage (or maybe how and why) for the majority of existence just like an abused child locked in a scenario with seemingly no escape. Every child matures. Every child has a chance to see things differently, even if it is from inside one’s own mind. Humanity is that child grown into adolescence, no longer content with the pains of those chains that have been endured for millennia. This is known, understood, and accepted by all. It is now up to Humanity to respectfully, righteously, and knowingly choose the higher path towards spiritual progression, harmony with Earth and the energies within, and to choose to heal the wounds that resulted in wearing those chains instead of seeking to oppress and throw those chains on another. This is the age where the cycle of forgetfulness and misery is broken and replaced in the same way individuals and groups have been broken and replaced throughout time by the power elite. We have been distracted so long that we are replacing our own outdated views just as much as the power elite will be letting go of their deception based control systems.

Be aware and at peace with this time, as things will get as intense as they have to in order to awaken those sleepers who have become actively engaged in trading nonsense for nonsense, fears for fears, and spiritual lack and degradation for irony and acceptance.

In short, we have a long road ahead of us, but it will no longer be shaped by darkness and the dizzyingly stagnant fumes of fear and improbable odds. The possibilities haven’t changed but the probabilities are leaning in favor of those who are ready to take control of their existence and this is a collective effect.

The focus should be on reducing the birth and coming of age pangs and pains in order to compress and contain the damage that is often experienced as those sleepwalkers trash about in their sleep in their process of rising to full awareness. Along with those compressions come the necessary expansion and healing of such trauma. This must be an active process that we participate in and guide instead of sitting back and allowing the patterns to continue.

8 thoughts on “The Negotiations

  1. I think that THEY should give us the keys , to make up for lost time, energy , dreams, vitality and so on. But ,at mininmum , if All disinformation and lies were removed immediately as well as all blocks to technologies of free energy, med beds, reverse aging, anti gravity and so on were removed, we would pull thru. We have a right to have all strands of fully functiong DNA returned. Basically reverse all harm that has been done and do so NOW!
    If we know of our true beingness and abilities we can eject the need for any religions and that would be a significan boost forward to that which has been holding the mass consciousness back. Far too many supposedly red-pilled aware bloggers on You Tube etc are still of a religious programming paradigm, giving away their powers and not fully grasping neither who they are nor enough critical thinking tools. Makes it challenging on the rest of us. As for myself, I have been following Cobra ‘s intel regarding The Event , for what is it coming up on nearly 10 years now? and I have been into metaphysics and consciousness for 4 decades. Though extremely grateful for the tools and expansion, it is getting wearing and day to day life has become increasingly challenging. We are co-creators and we deserve to have our dreams manifest.


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