A Metaphor For Experience

Humanity is a lot like a booie (sink and bobber…) attached to a fishing lure.

In the primal state the emotions and intellect bounce up and down in reaction and coordination to the external waves of stimuli and impulse. We move around at the mercy of the waves of the ocean of change without further insight or balance in relation to some constant equilibrium.

Then you have the fishermen. The fisher casts the booie out in the first place and the booie is actually moving in relation to the ground level that the fisherman stands on. Not every fisherman stands on the same level ground, yet the ground in relation to the booie is at each time the relatively constant equilibrium that the booie is actually moving in relation to.

Without the solid ground, there is no real motion, it is a perpetual up and down without end.

I had more to this but seeing how I just slept for about 3 and half hours if that, it’s quickly leaking out of my memory. My dreams were something that not many movies can touch.

Maybe I can say it had something to do with a murderous spirited being cast into a pig who then went insane.

The fishermen cast their lures in attempts of gaining something larger than just the experience of the up and down although the up and down motion of the booie will tell the trained eye of the fishermen what is happening beneath the waves.

When in fear or simply from the perspective of the booie itself (body) we have no solid ground to relate to and balance ourselves.

To bring the point about very quickly instead of dragging this on, the fisherman can be seen as the higher self while the booie is the body that is cast down from higher dimensions and at first exists at the mercy of the waves of changing emotion and mental states.

You can correlate or extrapolate the rest of the meaning from there and maybe I will be able to explain this later when the rest of my brain wakes up.

Yes, I know fishermen use bobbers, I must of mistranslated the concepts early in the morning.

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