A stranger, but more reasonable flashback. The Grand Continuum

All of time/space, knowledge, equilibrium and truth comes to a pinnacle of awareness condensing and refining from the wider and more strewn out notions of the mundane physical into a singular point of awareness and contemplation which acts as a gateway to the existence of a higher dimensional continuum of knowledge and experience.

In short, everything is like a spiral of energy inside of a pyramid and it all comes together into synchronization of meaning, results, and experience which transcend the perception of the linear quality of time.

Time itself may be a script that is co-created via the role of cosmic intelligence that exists outside the singularity of the lower aspect of the physical pyramidal energy structure where temporary human awareness exists. Above the pyramidal singularity point, there is yet another pyramid who’s appearance and function is inverted to the lower and from this point above the entire of the format of experience is a continual expansion of knowledge and energy rather than a condensing and compressing.

This is literally the stuff I dream about and end up experiencing over and over based on the secret projects and the transdimensional constructs and experiences which exist outside of this version of space/time. Meaning it as if one enters a house, a hall, a realm where a group of us have been doing this for the entirety of the existence of this Universe and we can enter and leave at will. It is like a cosmic family of intelligence and being from which all lower portions describe themselves into the various forms and awareness we experience here. For as long as we have experience here, there is such a cosmic “team” co-opting the script of this experience from “there” above.

You might call it funny stuff, but we literally utilized ancient devices, methods, substances, practices and many forms of spiritual realization which initiate an automatic shifting of gears that open up the mind and spiritual awareness to an enlightenment which operates in that fashion. Energy and awareness, time and space spirals and condenses up the pyramid and then reaches a singularity point where there is a shift and from then all of the previous experience of time and space expands into this kind of eternal awareness of expansion in which each and every point contains the expanded version of multiple (possibly greatly numerous) points of knowledge and experience. Each point in this “higher pyramid” of experience is literally akin to an entire Universe of knowledge within itself. This is a way to access the many worlds of the many worlds theory, although that merely describes various versions of the same reality where this is in actuality the source of each mundane experience of reality in this perspective. It is not a version, but the blue prints of information/data and quality from which the experience of “time” is painted out.

For the touchiest part of this, the idea is that “time” is co-painted by a combination of the beings of the ‘lower’ perspective (human intelligence) and the presence or awareness of “higher intelligence” some as form of eternal, cosmic awareness. It may be that the soul, the spiritual body, is literally the multi-dimensional cosmic awareness that everyone has been defining for millennia.

It’s as if an hour glass flips and rotates indefinitely or maybe a certain amount of times depending on the awareness and ultimately it remains still or sideways or spins so fast that is no longer a reference point and all of the sands are stabilized in “the present” with no restriction of linearity as before.

As below so above and so the “upper” world contains all the aspects and knowledge of each linearly experienced “segment” which is composed of infinite moments or points, yet each “above” segment is composed of entire Universes or hourglasses of information instead of just sand grains. Each sand grain becomes an entire hourglass. There is a possibility that this pattern continues.

Yes, all the people who talk about this “stuff” were actually getting at the truth and reaching cosmic downloads of information regarding the actual world which may simply be a terrarium of sorts within a larger world. A bubble within a complex fractal of arrangements of bubbles.

To hold space and time with this experience is to “meet” with the “gods” and both parties observe the power and will of “God” as a creative and intellectual force that brings the whole experience together invisibly so from the partiality of the experience we perceive below. The body of God may be the entire view of all the fractal combinations of all realms, times, spaces and experiences.

The funny thing is that all my words and experiences of this have been recorded in a 4D simulator which others can enter into a operate at their own will. This Universe may be just a larger version of that which is built through DNA and atoms instead of supercomputers.

The important aspect of that with this turning point now is that the simulator has also been populated with combat scenarios, torture, brainwashing and other lower quality means and so Humanity must decide whether they are to remain in the lower portion forever (which is impossible) or to assume the role of that great creationary co-opt of time/space and higher dimensional “printing” of knowledge and experience as unity and transcendence of the boundaries.

I feel the lower qualities were inserted into that system as the result of a lack of awareness of the true notions of power and singularity and that those who participated in that wished to forever hold the co-creator space as ‘demi-gods’ on Earth through force, coercion, manipulation and deviance rather than the complete of cycles and increasing awareness through all points.

Some are lower oriented and some are higher oriented, but one cannot pass into the truth without pushing towards the singularity of unity and transcendence in all its forms. Maintaining the physical laws of boundary and linearity as one moves into transcendence as part of that higher dimensional co-creation process does not yield the same results. All transcendence frees one mind from the constrains of time and space. A harmonized path does this through the expansion of the “soul-technology” which is the soul in unification with the pattern of this Universe.

To conclude, it would seem that this time here is a “flashback” that we co-wrote/created/opted from higher-space that we can transition back and forth to and from in order to constantly or “live-update” the feed of experience and knowledge. All information leads to awareness about the self. The singularity is reached through the knowledge of the self as a harmonious part of this Universe and an continual expansion, or a destruction and compression.

The Human is naturally inclined towards expansion, but has been manipulated towards compression and destruction.

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