Clearing Trauma

Clearing trauma is a lot like the act of expelling bodily material. What does a person do? They look at it to see what came out and if it is most of what was being felt. This is a part of the process.

Emotional or mental trauma is the same process. We have to participate on the act of clearing and bringing the memories or feelings to the surface and trace to the source experience (often with help) and then be fully aware of the experiences that have been released and observe without reacting. This is the kind of process a person might not want another to see, yet we are drawn towards the cathartic act of knowing that something that was causing an influence was purged or released from the body and mind.

This brings up the notion that what becomes stored as recessed trauma or suppressed memories in the mind becomes connected with a physical imbalance within the body. This is often through the musculoskeletal system which will hold tightness or lymph fluid somewhere in the muscles effecting circulation and posture while creating a feedback cycle of moods and repetitive feeling.

When tension is allowed to exist in the mind and body for so long, this manifests as physical disease as the internal organs become imbalanced via some flow along the line that traces back to the source of the tension in the musculoskeletal system, a reduction of circulation of blood and vital fluids, and the underlying behavioral pattern that results from and reinforces the initial traumatization experience.

Trauma in this sense doesn’t immediately relate to suppressed memories, violent abuse, or a typically dramatic event. Trauma of the Human Condition relates to the development of the mind towards the progression of fulfilment, experience and acknowledgement of the true self. This then refers to the programming and conditioning to lower levels of awareness which are found through duality-consciousness or physical perception alone. People who do not seek the higher truth of the self and perceive only from the physical senses become equally a product of their environment and are at the mercy of stimuli. Still, we have emotion and intellect that shines through the illusion, it is the repetitive pattern of behavior that ingrains these patterns in the brain which the mind must then solve in order to see beyond.

The soul is the level of the mind that goes beyond the brain and is perceiving the brain and physical body and it is through this union of the physical being and the soul that higher perception and genetic memories is reached. This relating to the ability for the soul to contain information beyond this particular plane, meaning this physical Universe and body as if there is a sub-quantum reservoir of information or soul-knowledge that the soul has access to. The soul then is a midwayer of that knowledge for the body and the physical realm while the body is the “temple” from which this knowledge flows into this world.

So the removal of trauma relates to suppressed memory from clearly manipulative and abusive experiences that push the conscious boundaries, as well as the conditioning of this particular society which has pushed into body-consciousness while simultaneously abstracting from it. Finally the acknowledgement of the self relates to the coming to full awareness of the memories and knowledge that is held within the “unconscious mind” where all of the memories and experiences are held.

This is considered “traumatizing” and in many ways it matches this description although it may not be necessarily “negative”. For the conscious mind to exist in the state that it relates to this particular perception of time and space knowledge must be kept separate via the suspension of awareness into a specific set of variables by the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind then, contains all of the information and experience that is kept from the conscious mind in order to generate the existence of the perspective of the conscious self. When the memories, experiences and knowledge begins to pour out of that wealth of the unconscious then the term “ego death” comes into play and the boundaries of the conscious mind threaten to dissolve with the influx of acknowledgement of the true self.

The idea is to prepare the conscious mind and the interactive waking reality for the knowledge of the unconscious whole and not give into duality-consciousness or temporary states of impulse which do not define the continual yet unchanging eternal soul but serve to define the particular state of the physical body and the minds connection to the variables present in state. We can experience the physical or temporary consciousness but we are not to become attached to this in the same way that the varying thoughts and feelings move through cycles of repetition and that no single state within that is the entirety of the whole.

Thus we get to the semi-occultic practices of finding or creating order out of chaos, or more apt taking the temporary linear perception of time from the waking conscious perspective into the cyclic eternal perception of the soul. In doing this, we see all states, times, experiences as part of one whole and to do this without break we must become aware of all including what is seemingly negative and positive. If we hold the idea that we are separate from the events and experiences that we choose not to identify with then we are doomed to repeat that infinite cycle of chaos in which no single state ever reaches the awareness of the whole.

If we respect all states and learn from them for what it is worth to the soul then we can attain a continual state of understanding and awareness in which we know what the source of our actions and behavioral patterns are and there is only guidance and control from within instead of external manipulation from stimuli or physical experience. Trauma is the result of overwhelming physical stimuli, yet the mere separation of the Earthly physical body and perspective from the cosmic eternal soul is enough to generate this cycle of forgetting and re-remembering.

Trauma has been used in this society as part of a plan to further separate the cosmic mind from the physical brain in order to create a more easily controllable situation. Trauma hides behind the excuse of separation from the higher and the conditions of such a situation parades around as the meaning of life and the cause and effect of all actions and decisions done. This is a trick and it works very well to convince people that life is naturally based on manipulation, coercion, hate, lack or other lower energy.

The other angle of this is that the separation of the conscious mind from the cosmic mind ensures that ultimately the two minds will meet, at least in release from the physical body, but that this society now is all about inducing the stress to initiate such an inward shift in perception in order to ensure a maximal yield of those willing to face fear in order to come to full cosmic awareness while in the body in physical existence now.

Both angles are played to suit a perspective although both angles were always already present as far as the general nature of the Human mind and the way emotions and intellect come together in this age. This is the state of duality-consciousness which work to create that basic binary pattern that represents itself as a continual repeating of values and perspectives without end or hierarchy towards cosmic fulfilment. “Letting go” comes to mind as the ascent towards wholeness is not so much a gaining of continual steps, but a continual letting go process of those perspectives which box one’s consciousness in and create artificial boundaries to protect an imaginary ego.

The ego feels threatened by that which does not threaten the soul and so it is a disguise that is worn in order to reinforce the concept of separation and individuation through the physical perspective. This is the blessing and the curse as this is the vulnerability point, the access way for distortions to enter into the connection of the soul and the mind. The ego is important for the perception of the self but it works dually as the governor or resistance of the self to change. Change is a Universal constant and so the more we learn to adapt and flow without resistance, just like the energy of the body, the less friction is felt with these letting go of the attachment of experiences which ultimately works to unveil the cosmic mind.

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