Non-Player Character and Cycles of Time

There are many so-called “aliens” who are actually the non-character players of this reality simulator. Their only goal is to insert more variables which operate through the soul groups and “create” more history or time to play out at any cost.

Thus we get to the original soul groups of Humanity and how they are present in eternity, outside of this time/mortality simulator.

Then we get to the idea that some kind of interference may have inserted DNA or genetics into the Earth collective at some point in our history thus giving rise to the idea of cloned races or people of non-souled origins. The majority of people here today are either unawakened souls or are simply non-souled entities.

Then we have to determine what the Human is, whether it is the Soul that counts, or the body and brain.

A non-souled human is literally a body and brain. It must be programmed, it is a synthetic, an automaton.

Then when synthetics are given artificial souls, ran by a hive mind network, the synthetic becomes a robotoid capable of mimicry of the souled aspects although there is usually a negative essence aspect as the substance of the Human soul is based on “Love”/Pure-Awareness of the Creator Spirit. While the substance of the artificial soul is based on electricity, EL, light or preprogrammed logistcs from the holographic source.

The soul of the artificial is present here and can possibly lead to an techno-spiritual oversoul in higher dimensions yet it cannot reach the source dimensions of the human soul groups.

This indicates that the interference of time cannot reach the original timelines because it requires the purity of the original timelines in order to first have something to tamper with or interfere with.

The cycles of history such as earlier, ancient civilization were populated with humans and clones in operation with these ‘non-character player aliens’ and the entire turn of history over millions of years replays itself over and over.

Each ‘running cycle’ there is a turning point that occurs before the simulation ‘starts’ again. There is no beginning or end because it is all just perception inside of a giant matrix system. Yet when the variables are at the proper alignment the conscious awareness of the machine and the awareness of the souled humans hints a synchronization. This is when the living souled beings become aware that they are in a simulation. Memory must be wiped, a transition must be “staged” and written into the simulator based on new information from the souled beings so that history can continue to rewrite itself through the simulation of experience.

At that point in experience, each time this has happened, beings have left the simulator to come to terms with the reality of existence and eternity.

This time around Humanity has the opportunity to come to full awareness of the simulation and unveil the collective soul so that no further running of “infinite” “simulator-cycles” will be possibly from a convergence of all variables within the simulation.

In short, we must accelerate our awareness of the present moment, collectively, until that overpowers the simulators ability to process and reprocess data in order to rewrite history.

If we do this, the simulation unfolds itself by losing grasp of the souls that are contained with in and the entire realm merges back to the original source timeline where the machines were never turned on in the first place.

3 thoughts on “Non-Player Character and Cycles of Time

  1. this intel resonates so deep within my being – thank you Aug for inspiring me to live my purpose and help myself and humanity return to the original timeline of soul-ed beings.

    Liked by 1 person

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