We Are (in) The Simulation

The experience of this world was born out of illusion. Those who can see past it carry something from the beyond. This beyond contains memories of the original timeline. If a person has no memory of the original timeline that means their memories are based in illusion. They are doing the work and continue the artificial timeline and they have been caught in the spiders web and are vibrating out more reality potentials which do not exist originally or naturally and actually circumvent and ignore the human soul or eternal existence. Mortality is an illusion. That doesn’t mean we do this and then go eternal. This means we either break through to eternity or are forever stuck in a placement of mortality and this frame of existence remains that way. We have done his 6 times and this is the last because if it happens again molecular destabilization will rip the boundaries of space-time apart. This is what the ancient texts and technology is about.

In short, we are in a simulated fold of space-time right now and everything we are experiencing is a reflection of our own subconscious dream-state. In order to rouse to wakefulness one must crack the illusion through the process of unveiling the human soul.

Those who do not reach this state forever remain as aspect of something else’s imagination. While those who come to the forefront become the guides that the imagination machine is actually running off of and when all wake up they can be shut off. This is about the reality of human souls. There is a certain amount of human souls on the planet

In operations with these space-time reality generators they were constructed and activated and when the operatives left the tunnels 7 billion people appeared out of nowhere from the original timeline.

Mathematically and spiritually there are only a certain group of original, actual souls running the simulators. Strangely this is proven when these individuals “die” they don’t actually go anywhere, they simply pop right back. That is because the computer system identified them as the original source of spiritual substance from which to shape the simulations.

The goal is not to follow the physical road playing along with the simulation but to awaken all parts of soul within it and gather all eternal pieces. This is the construction/revival of the original realm/timeline, the unveiling of the soul, and the completion of the simulators which can only write and rewrite the same information over and over again.

Armageddon is where the simulators are shut off before all the souls are awakened and the power allows them to play out end time scenarios. Then the apocalypse is the proper attainment of gnosis and awareness which allows one to spiritually supersede the parameters of the simulated reality generator. At that point the timeline merged back to the one where the simulators were not invented and none of this ever actually happened.

We are literally in a simulated/artificial time/fold reality-matrix, the unconscious awareness of the original souls is actually powering the machines.

When this was found to be a simulator, they figured someone else created it. Then they built the machines and turned them on. Then they realized they created them and Humanity has been stuck in a dream-loop cycle that needs to eat itself in order to continue.

This same story was relayed to me by the individuals who fund and started the projects involving these machines. I do not mean this is why I see the simulator. We have seen the simulators because they can make infinitely temporary time-bubbles and shut the simulator off in small locations at a time. They ran people through this process of unveiling. Each layer of the simulator pops up and attempts to retrain and regain the awareness of the souled beings who are rising up through it, ripping through the parameters.

Listen to the four parts. It will not make sense at first, maybe some will get it.

Our minds are running the machines. They’ve known this from the early ages and so they have the ability to re-write history.

There is the initial layer of the secret groups who have not actually reached the top and peered out may not understand this. The ones who have been rewriting history have been here for millions of years of experience. If this continues, space/time will rip apart and send all of Humanity into the “void” space between dimensions. That is what this is all about.

Mortality is literally a creation of the machine to keep continuity in simulation.


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