Cosmic Intelligence, Simulation and Time

Everyone has a chance, everyone has the ability to find help as long as they can look for it. Everyone is a healer if they put their mind to it and heal themselves first. Everyone is capable of knowing if they put every fiber of their being towards it. You are all potential Universes. There is no true end. This moment right now exists for ever in a space/time continuum that exists as part of a larger system that is created out of higher dimensional interactions between planes.

This is a very interesting situation Humanity finds itself regarding our existence in the Universe. Does the individual relate completely to the picture of the whole?

The idea that we are 3.5 dimensionally “printing” reality into existence comes into play here.

Does time actually exist as a live-updating operation or it is a prerecorded fabrication?

If we come to the idea that a person can live-update themselves, then there may be reason to believe that the Universe can do the same thing.

If we are in a period of technological advancement that we can pre-record experiences and create a “bubble” of time, using consciousness and simulation, then we may have to cope with the idea that people could attempt to transition themselves to the simulator.

Can this occur? Maybe the proper question then is “How?”. If you’ve really been paying attention you’ll wonder “When?”

Everything is a give and take. Even when it comes to intelligences.


Questions and Comments

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