Andrew D. Basiago -Time Traveller For President

Andrew D. Basiago. Important Post

“Trump and Clinton are not acceptable. Let’s get this country moving again. If elected President, I will declassify and deploy the Tesla teleportation technology developed by Project Pegasus. This action will advantage humanity with a new form of transport and revolutionize the civic infrastructure of the world. Help me stay in the race. Make a donation to Andy2016! today. Thank you.” — Andrew D. Basiago



“I have spent the entire weekend surfing the Net for accounts of Sasquatch encounters at or near Great Lake Sacandaga in New York State, where my Sasquatch encounter occurred in Summer 1966. I found that many Sasquatch sightings have taken place in the Adirondacks; that Whitehall, NY, on the northeast tip of the 29-mile reservoir, is an epicenter of Sasquatch sightings; that the people of Whitehall have erected a statue of Sasquatch in their town center; that the Sasquatch lore of the region goes back to the Algonquin and Iroquois tribes; that brothers Paul B. Bartholomew and Robert Bartholomew have published a book about the Sasquatch of New York State; and that the Sasquatch presence in the Adirondacks has been featured on the TV shows Monsterquest and Squatch Detective. Interestingly, the Sacandaga sightings reported on TV, radio, and the blogosphere confirm the details of my encounter in the sense that the adult Sasquatch and his young son that I encountered as a child at Lake Sacandaga had dark brown fur, like a black bear, which is reported in many cases where coloration is cited. In the attached article, Kayleigh Rogers of Motherboard is true to my interview by her, except for caricaturing me as a Sasquatch “believer.” When we encounter, say, blue jays, are we “blue jay believers”? I think not. I had an encounter with two living, breathing primates at arm’s length and know them to be intelligent hominids more human than ape. I am concerned that in popular culture, Sasquatch is being treated as an animal in the woods rather than what they are, namely, a human tribe in the woods. Consequently, I have vowed that when elected President of the United States I will put the Sasquatch on the endangered species list to protect them from harm.” — Andrew D. Basiago



“I believe the world is what we make of it and that we have as a human duty the obligation of working to hand this world over to our children in a better state to that which we inherited it. I do not fear death because life is energy; there is no energy without life nor life without energy. Energy cannot be produced nor extinguished, energy can only transfer; if there is anything to fear in life it is the negative transfer of our energy which is the unavoidable result of living without conscience.” — Ken O’Keefe


3 thoughts on “Andrew D. Basiago -Time Traveller For President

  1. Okay, I like the “platform” that Andrew Basiago stands for – I like the “write-in” candidate goal as an alternative to the two-party voting manipulation game. My BIG question is this. I am currently working towards “piercing” through the veils covering the soul (the 9 veils). The first veil is POLITICS . . . and I am trying to come to terms with this new information re: Andrew Basiago. So, the veil isn’t “Politics” as a whole – the veil is the IDEOLOGY of what we have been told and taught ABOUT politics? Yes?

    To clarify a bit, I’ve been preparing to emotionally disengage from participating in anything Political all together; with the thought that it is ALL a “puppet show.” The new thought emerging, upon reading this post (and Basiago’s website), is that (perhaps with ALL the veils) we actually have a NEW CHOICE to be made rather than to discard the idea (veil) all together. Is that true?

    That piercing through each veil is “becoming present” to what we’ve been taught (shown) to be real (for each veil) – and then – NOT accepting it (the ideology) as real – instead, choosing to use self-inquiry to look BEYOND each veil – to look beyond the ideology shown to us (by the system) while connected to our heart center to remember what the truth FEELS like – to remember what it FEELS like to be present to truth – AND – in the presence of that feeling – make a NEW CHOICE beyond the ones we are handed.

    Am I getting close?


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