Unveiling Topics and Advanced Technology

Please read Aaron McCollum’s book, he explains the advanced technology (a portion of it) and this is the easiest way to get past all the distractions regarding the situation.

Three Phases of the Unveiling,
Public Acknowledgement of:

Phase 1: Cloning, Underground Bases, Military )Mind Control/Trauma-Based Mind Control (Possible Breakaway Civilization)

Phase 2: Advanced Technology, Synthetic Consciousness, Healing, Zero-Point Energy, Beginning of Temporal Distortion

Phase 3: Results of using that technology on our timeline, Universe, species, the reality of the soul, ancient history, far future and Contact

Three Phases of The Unveiling

These are the 3 Phases of the Unveiling. It will occur in this logistical order. This is for the safety and continuity of the Human race and has been organized from beyond the known society.

The order is not exact but is shows a general trend.
A Great Shift:

Underground Bases

Advanced Technology
Secret Operations
Mind Control

Chemical Hydration and Oxygenation

Instantaneous Tissue Regeneration Serum

Healing Energy Generators
Genetic Enhancements and Manipulation
Electrogravitic Drive Craft
Tesla’s Technology/Non-Hertzian wave generators
Electrogravitic and Temporal Space/Time Distortions
Desynchronization and Resynchronization of Craft To Space/Time
Supercomputer Systems
Consciousness Transfer
Synthetic Telepathy
Remote Neural Monitoring
Brain Machine Interface
3.5D Printing
Quantum Computer Systems
4D Holographic Replication
Dematerialization and Rematerialization
Real-Time Live-Interaction Synthetic Consciousness
Virtual World “Consciousness” System
Mind To Machine “Soul” Tech
Manipulation and Recording of Soul Energies
Synthetic Soul
Hybrids and Non-Human Entities
Temporal Space/Time Manipulation Using Real-Time Virtual Consciousness System
Ancient Holographic/Scalar Computer Systems
Ancient Living Memory
Ancient Virtual World Systems
Temporal/Spacial Travel “Hyperspace” “Higher-dimensional”Contact

This technology has been in use.

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