Time and Consciousness


Time doesn’t exist. It is just a measurement of movements created by an observer based upon their movements relative to observed movement being measure. http://www.cosmospectrum.com/162/

Could time be directly relative to the conscious observer force? Does time exist without an observer? Is time directly linked to space as well?

Your Heart Senses Events BEFORE They Happen (Study Shows)

…the heart seems to ‘know’ the emotional future.

That is, it is precognitively able to sense the emotional ‘flavour’ of events that may soon happen and react to that information before we actually experience the event and thus feel a significant emotion. In short, your heart senses intuitively, and then it conveys this information to the brain to prepare you for a response. http://consciouslifenews.com/heart-senses-events-before-happen-study-shows/1191692/

The Brain Can Predict as well as Preconceive

Common sense tells you that seeing is believing, but really the brain is built for things to work the other way around: you see (and hear and smell and taste) what you believe. And believing is largely based on feeling. In her paper, Bar­rett shows that your brain is not wired to be a reac­tive organ. It’s wired to ask the ques­tion: “The last time I was in a sit­u­a­tion like this, what sen­sa­tions did I encounter, and how did I act?” And the sen­sa­tions that seem to matter most are the ones that are inside your own body, which are called “interoceptions.”                                                                http://www.northeastern.edu/news/2015/06/researchers-pinpoint-epicenter-of-brains-predictive-ability/


Gallese contends that when we interact with someone, we do more than just observe the other person’s behavior. He believes we create internal representations of their actions, sensations and emotions within ourselves, as if we are the ones that are moving, sensing and feeling.

Many scientists believe that mirror neurons embody the predictions of simulation theory. “We share with others not only the way they normally act or subjectively experience emotions and sensations, but also the neural circuits enabling those same actions, emotions and sensations: the mirror neuron systems,” Gallese told.


Gallese points out, however, that the two theories are not mutually exclusive. If the mirror neuron system is defective or damaged, and our ability to empathize is lost, the observe-and-guess method of theory theory may be the only option left. Some scientists suspect this is what happens in autistic people, whose mental disorder prevents them from understanding the intentions and motives of others. http://www.livescience.com/220-scientists-read-minds.html

It is as if the brain can sense both past and future moments in time and where there is a specific future state where information will be connected with, that information can be accessed more easily in the present.

In one experiment subjects, all of whom were students, were briefly shown a word list and then asked to recall as many as they could. Later, they were asked to copy a list of words randomly selected from the same list by a computer. The surprising result of this experiment was that in the recall section of the experiment the subjects recalled at a significantly higher rate words they were later asked to type, even though they had no way of knowing which words would be on the list.                                          http://phys.org/news/2010-11-precognition.html


Time is a reflection of consciousness. The brain has been shown to predict patterns beyond simple chance or reasoning. Sensation is a “representation” of the actual stimulus and the observing self only has access to a “simulation” model that the brain creates.

The Sub-conscious Level

Various observers throughout history have argued that there are influences on consciousness from outside. With the confusion about the difference between the Brain and the Mind there’s no wonder there’s a problem defining the sub-conscious.

Whack someone up-side the head with a club, they go unconscious. Someone goes to sleep, they appear to be unconscious. Someone playing sports or working is conscious.

However, we’ve all experienced that place between full consciousness and sleep. We’ve all had deja-vu, precognition, intuition, subliminal messages and wee-small-voices. Many of us have been in trance, sleep walked, experienced hypnosis and/or delirium – drug induced or not.

When consciousness is quieted, there is a level of our awareness which taps into “something” other than our Body/Brain reality.

May I suggest that the sub-conscious level taps into the Soul’s Mind?

Super-conscious Brain (the Soul’s Mind)

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