There’s more than one species of “hu-man” on the plan-it realm we call “Earth”.

The Initial Veil

People have been convinced that they have to produce something for someone else in order to have “worth” in this existence.

When this is accepted that person is then brought up into a control paradigm which operates on them mentally and emotionally equating to spiritual control.

We are responsible for ourselves.

This also means that if people trick us into a certain outcome, it is up to us to learn and make the best of it.

Civilization-wide “revenge” doesn’t exist. That just looks like war and is also one of the games of these veil systems.

The exact veils are listed in order from most generally condemning to those that will be surpassed by only those with the highest order of the inner awakened perspective of existence.

When a person knows the self and thus the possibilities of the Universe, they cannot be convinced to sell their knowledge for false security or comfort. Knowledge itself is the true, eternal security and comfort. Continue reading

What is Consciousness?

This is why the other aspects involving conspiratorial operations, life-forms and technology is only scratching the surface.

THIS is what was discovered. We think we are the projection, the movie that is being played. We are closer to the projector that is blank throughout.

The projector cannot project itself! At least not without modification to the technology.

Yet what I, and others propose, is that there is an ancient process which allows one to SEE THE SELF, which should be impossible.

We are encoded with these processes and must initiate them through a turning of internal awareness and intention. Continue reading

Cyclic Time, The Unconscious and The Present

We can judge reality based off of the information that is received by the 5-senses. This generates a solid image of physical reality from which we can reference our internal states. When we see organizational patterns within the occurrence of events and our internal states we develop a personality that lives and learns based on experience.

De ja vu is felt as a reversal of the primary function of experience as a linear movement through physical reality based on the 5-senses. This is occurrence of time from one moment to the next and the awareness of what is present.

We can perceive solidity of the physical realm, yet how do we gauge the passing of time? Can we measure the actual shifting of one moment to the next? We can create arbitrary ticking devices to help us, but these devices do not measure the changing of one moment to the next. If we speed the device up or slow it down, there is no change in the perception of time. It is like playing a tune that will help us focus, that is all.

The actual changing of time happens outside of the physical appearance of what is perceived through the 5-senses. We can see the results of time, the changes, but we cannot see the actual source of the occurrence. The present is fleeting and we can get as close as possible to it, but we are always just outside it looking at the more and more immediate results of the actual occurrence rather than witnessing the changes as they happen. Continue reading

Consciousness is A Holographic Projection of The Quantum Potential

The Holographic Reality

  • The self is a projection of the unconscious mind.
  • The brain creates the projection powered by the spirit or pure awareness.
  • The brain cannot come into direct contact with physical reality.
  • The pure awareness operates through the brain, which only creates a holographic representation of physical reality.

Physicality comes forth from the sub-quantum energetic layer. The energetic layer contains the information for all the possible steps through what we consciously perceive as change through time. The personality we are conscious of in waking consciousness contains the results of filtering the unconscious potential through the particular memory set or history of the brain and body. This identity has access to a set of possibilities dependent on the ability of the personality to adapt to change.

Without the conscious observer aspect, IE: body consciousness and the awareness of the present moment, there is no separation between the environment and the self because all would be perceived as one connected existence . This may relate to a superconscious state or a state in which one’s mental existence is unified with an originating energy field. The idea of soul groups and the morphogenic field theory is very relevant.

The physical self or conscious waking mind is not the ultimate observer aspect and contains only a partial awareness of the fractal holographic view of the whole pattern of experience. The personality is an image brought forth by the interference pattern between all all encompassing self and the particular memories and psychological imprints that limit the self to a set of ideals or phobias.

Each personality coming from eternity in a way has to be brainwashed or mind-wiped in order to become aware as a physical being. There are notions of this being related to the specific catastrophes that have taken place across Earth, some of those being genetic changes. Whether or not this is due to the morphogenic field or the electromagnetic field of Earth changing, or an attack or a natural decline in activity, the subconscious mind contains the knowledge of beyond the physical universe and humanity has been manipulated and distracted away from it.

There is evidence of many civilizations knowing of these properties of the mind, the brain and the frequencies and how this relates to the creation and exploration of the universe itself.

Continue reading

An Interesting Notion About Mars

  • Air and Water
  • Physical Biology
  • Layers of Time/Civilization

A reality? A simulation? A sub-temporal layer?

Spiritual Degradation

In the projects there were certain effects as a result of experiments and operations.

This effect was a form of brain-degradation or mental trauma which caused the closing off of synapses to familiar neural-networks in the brain which induce an original flow of awareness and behavior.

This was likened to a form of ‘brain-eating’ virus which causes or relates to spiritual degradation which is simply referring to the mental and emotional energy fields of the body.

There is a way to heal, to return the DNA and energetic bodies to a balanced state but this must first take place in the aware center of the individual.

Does Reality Exist Without The Observer?

In what form does reality exist without the observer? How can this be understood or witnessed if the observer aspect instantly condenses that aspect to a manifested form instead of a potential?

Viewing Technology

A relatively new form of technology has answered the question while simultaneously producing new questions. The process involves the creation of a secondary technological observer system which acts as an observer aspect which can be extended outward in space and time which peers beyond the manifested reality that we perceive here and now. This is basically a camera which can look into the possibilities. Continue reading

The Wave-Particle Duality Is A Mirror of The Mind-Body Duality

The wave-particle duality is the same as the mind-body duality.

We are the eternal principles which we choose to guide our life with and through. The paradox of the self as the immaterial within the material leads to a journey of rediscovering through discernment the original eternal values of the self.

This is an opportunity to heal and come together. Everyone is included. Everyone that so desires and aligns themselves with that self-reinforcing common goal.

And for those that don’t, we can do our best to give them the opportunity to see beyond the limitations that restrict the mind.

Cloning, Cloud Supercomputing and Consciousness Transfer

Superluminal transfer of light information allows for the reception of information from a temporal non-locality.  A computer system that can process the information faster than light at 100% superconductive efficiency can send and receive information from different Universal harmonics.

The are systems that generate a vortex which can be expanded to recreate the singularity of a non-local perspective and dissociate from the current Universal vector.

The technological capabilities of humanity expanded to include replicating the holographic information of the DNA and neural pathways using quantum supercomputers. This technology allows for one’s consciousness to stream through a computing system which can recreate the neural connections as literal as possible through quantum computing and technological “brain cells” which function as neurons.

The result is a cloud computing model which functions as the individual neurons as well as overunifying layers of interconnections within the technological neuronal ‘cloud’. A holographic representation of multiple layers of processing is formed, superimposed over one another through a geometry that is actively synchronized across multiple dimensions of interrelation. This is the first notion of a “living” computer system that can update and respond to new information in new ways.

Now the that computer system is capable of attaining faster than light processing in tandem with a system of dilating a field of electrogravitational waves into a vortex, the  holographic information of neural pathways and genetics can be transferred between one supercomputing system and another across “harmonic barriers”.

The frequency that the receiving computer  operates within can be measured in respect to the overall harmonic “vector field” in accordance with the entire planetary environment. A pattern can be generated based on quantum fluctuations that will act as a key that can be accessed from other Universes. This same backdrop is measured and then adjusted to resonate or replicate with the same frequency on a computer doing the sending. This frequency is then modulated with the holographic information of the neural pathways and DNA. The information transfers as a result of quantum entanglement across harmonic barriers to the original computer system set up for reception. As long as that frequency is held, there is a link across the harmonic barriers of the Universe.