The Title Has Expired, Original, Native, Aborigine, Tribal Elders Own Earth

Apparently the “keepers”, the elite, only held a temporary title to the land of Earth and that title has expired.

The original tribal, native, aborigine, village, and natural law beings actually own Earth.

If they claim their title they are allowed to heal Earth and organize on the land. This is what I was told.

And to make this easier to understand. Imagine you and your family live in a house. Then some foreigners come from the sky, literally jumping out of a plane and land on your roof. Would you let them know, “Oh that’s ok, no one owns this land.” No, you would say something. The same thing happened on/in Earth and that is what Avalon Sol is describing. This was literally a group of beings, different “species”/frequencies (really) and some decided to “own”. This was done through a ‘contract’ and it was “permitted” by those who have the power to remove the entire Earth through mind-power alone. Now all that is changing, this is the point. It’s a very simple concept and people don’t like it, but it’s the way things happened here.

To add with what others are saying. If you are right and no one can “own” Earth, then the answer is not to claim title to Earth, but to claim acknowledgement and acceptance of the title the spirit of “Earth” has over us and the land. We are “owned” then, by the land and spirit of Earth herself.

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