Toroidal Fractal Transportation System

DNA is one of these information “transport” systems.

Time and Consciousness

Vortal Tunnels and The Soul

The realm of energy of the soul, pure information is contained beyond the singularity of the fractal funnel that is created by and as result of the “overunity” generated when the frequency emissions of the body, mind and soul are synchronized.

This harmony that is produced generates a permeability of energetic information which allows for transfer  between the “void” spaces between what could be called “dimensions” of space and consciousness.

This harmony is representative of the unification of forces that emanates from every point in space and time as the result of a prime creative observer which similarly permeates all of life.

When we are operating the energies we perceive through a harmonization of the individual layers with themselves and then the Universe we create a fractal grid pattern of interconnection which allows for instantaneous transfer of energetic information across the planes.

In life, when we are only connected with the realm that we are sourced in holographically, or secondarily, then we do not have the awareness of the primary source. In this case, there is no awareness of the “other” side of existence, the “other” side of the time-field, the torus. We would theoretically be present on the other side then, without awareness of the “time/space” and self-awareness that we are present in here, physically.

To maintain synchronization between soul and matter is to connect through across the planes so that while we are here, we remember and maintain an awareness of “there”. And while we are “there” we are simultaneously connecting and maintaining an awareness of this time/space.

Soul and Body

The coalescence of all the frequencies of decision and response, recorded through genetic or DNA patterns, and the frequency or energy bodies of the human merges at the end of the experience of “time”. At this point the overall production is the spectrum of “beingness” that the observer inhabits which is a span across physical time and space as well as potentially the totality of all existence.

If the majority of the actions and ingestions contain lower life-forces of observer agents, including how the mind produces and takes in frequencies or mind-energy of others, then the resulting pinnacle of awareness is similarly majority lower consciousness.

When the majority of frequencies coalesce into the higher frequency capabilities of the “Hu-Man”, towards what we call  simply harmonious”Angelic” or “Godlike” frequencies, then the overall resulting awareness of time and space contains a pathway to eternity, or the existence of all existences.

The major soul-points of the body and energy body are through the naval where a connecting cord is present as a stream of frequencies, as well as the forehead and crown where a secondary access point is present.

These represent the two pathways in and out of the body leading to different perspectives.

What is called the “second” death may be the lack of ability for the energy body to remain self-aware in a “cosmic” perspective rather than succumbing to the lower consciousness perspectives of the physical/animalistic consciousness realm; this is simply duality-consciousness.

Eternal life is found through ensuring that the majority of the actions and productions, ingestions and frequencies are  from the ‘higher’ perspective of the unifying conscious force between all spaces and existences which are indicative and resulting in harmony and geometrically proportional interconnection between all planes and times.

This is found through that unification of the heart center, withu the mind and the body. This tertiary aspect is literally the power-house of the spiral fractal vortex which extends the energy information of the body from the lower frequency of space/time to the higher frequency which extends across the “void” of the time/space barrier that we perceive as a singularity.

Recreating The Fractal Connection

One way of explaining this simultaneous interconnection and happening of all events and planes as one, is that when we pass through the singularity to that other space, by condensing and carrying the information of our self-awareness through the fractal tunnel we carry an image of ourselves on to the other plane.

As we are present in this other plane, then we would have the fractal arrangement pattern that all life is created from and we could recreate a literal link between that plane and this world and in turn operate consciously, simultaneously in both.

This “happening” “after” this experience, is perceived as a simultaneously occurring connection which takes place throughout the entire experience here. It happens “after”, but simultaneously. This is because from that other plane, the frequency that the soul and spirit resides (in consecutively subtler frequencies) has access to any point in space and time of this plane.


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