2016 The Beginning of The of Unveiling

We may have undeniable proof or exposure of the truth by the end of this year.

This is supposed to occur in three waves. Each wave is more shocking for the required energy to unveil the truth to sleepers.

Note: None of this is about “proof”. This is just the expansion of Humanity’s ability to comprehend what has always been happening.

The most difficult aspect of this control system is that we must create the self, who we identify with, from our own internal energies and experiences.

The issues we are facing today are replication, replacement, and refining of energies. Many people confuse each process as all one in the same, but this is not true.

When we may consider some people having been “replaced” they are actually refined and we see more of who they really are.

While some are “replacing” they are actually replicating others, creating a mirror image of the original.

This is all regarding the secret projects and what they found. This is per the three phases of the unveiling. Cloning, bases, and mind control. Advanced tech, healing, suppressed energy. Hidden knowledge, reality of the soul, time, space and consciousness. This all begins to unfold as the control systems people use today begin to unravel and reveal themselves.

If one is released then the other will be similarly. They are connected as one truth.

This starts with the technological, physical, control mechanisms and leads through the capabilities of the advanced technologies into the discovery of various timelines, various “outcomes” of Humanity as a quantum-dreamer, and various interactions with intelligences that go beyond the surface.

Due to the nature of the latter discoveries, it is reasonable to prepare Humanity through the background ‘soft’ disclosure and this has been used in an attempt to manipulate the outcome.

The ultimate discoveries regarding time and space are the final piece of this unveiling, this disclosure because they undoubtedly shape the outcome of Humanity as Humanity moves through this process of awakening.

This includes the reality of the eternal soul. The refined bodies from physical to more subtle and etheric energetic bodies of the mind. The nature of time, space, memory, consciousness and ego. The nature of creation and quantum super-imposition of realities as well as a higher-dimensional continuum that the matter and energy of this space is constantly being pumped out of and transported to and through.

Before the great discoveries regarding time, space, the origins of Humanity, the nature of consciousness and the eternal soul, first comes the discoveries of the control mechanisms on the Earth.

This starts with the way the control system has rooted itself into the daily life of the majority of Humans on the planet either through coercion, deception, or force.

There are ways in which this works which will be uncovered. For those who can already see, then you are already seeing and you know what is to be uncovered.

The deception and the agendas are only the first aspect of the discovery involving the advanced tech, cloning, and mind control. Yet the influence and relation to this is apparent at almost every layer from there on.

To put it simply, most of the agendas and deceptions are as a direct or sometimes incidental result of the major discoveries in technology, awareness, soul information, and time and space.

As such, they are inextricably tied together and one must be aware of their own truths, as they are, before anyone tells them so that they are not as influenced as those who have not developed their ability to discern.

The ability to discern is what will be learned. For those who are learning it now, it will be less shocking and less of a responsibility to change one’s perspective, yet this is the time where all perspectives are changed.

Three Phases of The Unveiling

Every so many thousand years Humanity reaches a cycle of completion where there is enough awareness and comprehension to initiate an exposure of civilization to a larger continuum of time and space.

The awareness and knowledge that Humanity has attained in previous ages contains information regarding time, space, consciousness, the soul, and even advanced scalar technology that most Humans today do not know about.

The beginning will uproot the perspective of people who are uninformed and disinterested in seeking the truth regarding the nature of existence and reality. The result is a civilization-wide changing shift in perspective that is pushed by those who are capable of utilizing this knowledge to create.

3 thoughts on “2016 The Beginning of The of Unveiling

  1. Beyond fascinating.where do we as humans go from here. Don’t we have he “GOD GIVEN RIGHT OF SELF DETERMINATION” for so long to have been hijacked and subjected to this cosmic CRAP🐼


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