Consciousness, Ego and The Soul

Peripheral Awareness Is Sourced From External Stimuli Moving Inward

The peripheral awareness we receive during the mundane processing of daily actions exists on what could be related to the “outside” of the hierarchy of the true awareness and that of the soul.

Bio-emissions and awareness has order, just like all meaning and life has order. Organization is the representation of that meaning in an ordered format that indicates a flow or progression from one level to the next.

With consciousness, we experience repetitive lesser order when our awareness is placed within a portion of the whole instead of the entirety as a whole. The completion of awareness, the true experience is attained when the perceptions expand from seeing parts and pieces that must be put together to seeing the whole picture at once.

Mind and consciousness is an interplay between perceptions which are organized linearly from part to part and experiences of awareness which are based in completion and a unified understanding of the larger aspect the parts exist as.

What we consider higher-awareness is a function of the brain, body and soul when the body, mind and emotions are balanced in a perfect tertiary pattern of equilibrium. A truly complete balance of total perfection would be temporary at best and never maintained for an entirety. The lack of completion itself, the perception of partiality and lack of oneness is what drives that experience of oneness.

If one views the body and mind as a physical body and a series of energy bodies in and around the physical body then one could see the various parts of energetic existence coming to a singularity or a convergence point within the central channel of the body, the spine.


The Self Initiates Self-Awareness, The Self Expresses and Transfers From Within

These peripheral field perceptions which are off center of the singularity within that elongated channel and the source of the bio-emissions would indicate that the observer aspect or the awareness of the individual is only partially activated in comparison to the whole.

To clarify, the external variables represent the possibility of a disconnection with that center of self. While the self-initiated variables, self-caused represent the ability to reconnect. One often takes place outside the “self”, one must take place “within” the self by being sourced by the individual’s will or spirit alone.

Partiality Requires Linearity, Linearity Requires Ordered Repetition

This would be because neither of the external portions can be momentarily, linearly, activated in order to achieve an integral union of all layers and aspects of the energy. Only by going within to that central vortex could one access an infinitesimally small stream of space and energy which actually connects and influences all of areas of the energy body at once. This is the elongated singularity, the up and down channel of the body where all external or peripheral aspects of the energy fields interact and converge into a singularity “line” which contains singularity “points” or vortexes within it.

True Self is A Simultaneous Awareness of The “Whole”

Soul and spirit is a larger version of the “whole” than physical awareness alone.

The withdrawing of one’s awareness from the external, peripheral layers of the energy would generate a pulling towards the center of experience within the energy centers.

From the perspective we experience within the conscious mind, this would be a metaphoric shift from being externally stimulated into action or response by variables which cause us to move from that center of the self into an awareness which is based on a desire to express rather than preserve or defend the ego.

The Ego is Physically Sourced

The ego as the physically sourced consciousness is an image that is created by the brain which allows the unconscious and the mind aspects to interface with the body via the soul. Without the ego, there is nothing to refine through this experience. Through the image of the ego, the brain incessantly defends against perceived threats which are equally illusory and non-influential to the true-self. When awareness or action is influenced via the perception of these illusory threats to the physically configured perception of the ego via the brain and neuro-chemistry then brain and physical awareness is treated as the “whole” picture. This is illusion and this also incurs the perceptions located through peripheral aspects of the energy fields just as if one has a peripheral view of a scene and can only estimate what the primary foreground subject represents.

Ego or Physicality Enshrouds The Soul Or True(er) Self

This is the peripheral view of the self or the soul. It is shrouded or covered by the awareness which is sourced merely from the body.

Through the integration of the body, brain and soul, or body, mind and emotions the awareness can surpass the limitations of duality-consciousness or polarity consciousness which evaluate everything in life as a benefit or a detriment to one’s physical or egotistical state. This state is akin to an opinion that is developed based on one’s physical interactions in life and memory which essentially acts as programming to hold on to fears or form preconceptions in order to attempt to predict future behavior and ensure safety through continuity of the physical form. This state ignores the overunification of meaning which allows one to perceive themselves as a being in connection with the true-self based on internal awareness rather than a preconceived notion regarding physical existence or preference.

Integration Re-Unifies The Aspects of Self,

The Physical, The Mental, The Emotional – The Body, The Brain, The Heart – The Physical Level of Awareness, The Soul Level of Awareness, The Spirit Level of Awareness

All are simultaneously occurring. It would most likely be less desirable to initiate an integration, rather than a reduction to soul level and then a reduction to spirit. A purely spiritual awareness would likely not include the particular variety that the spectrum we experience now contains, yet it may include it all from another perspective.

This unification aspect of the 3 as one merges the linearly ordered, duality-based perspective with a cyclic aspect of all being as a part of a larger collection of cycles and patterns that the individual self is just as much a part of as a part and totality or “whole”. This is the paradox of existence, duality and consciousness.

Physical Consciousness, Space, and Time is A Paradox, or a Series of Illusions/Mirrors and Angled Reflections/Perceptions

Physically sourced consciousness is based on the perception of the individual self and all the physically guided experiences of boundaries and limitation which indicate that. Life itself, awareness itself, is purely based on an interaction between a number of parts or ‘selves’ which extend in awareness from lesser to higher. The physical, individual self cannot exist without the notion and the reality that the self is based on awareness which is really a part of the same awareness of every other self. It is a paradox.

Experiencing this paradox is part of what enables the Human to perceive higher-awareness. This is through empathy as well as other capabilities which allow one to perceive from a physical, mental and emotional aspect as one, instead of just one or the other. This simultaneity of experience allows the physical being to extend the body and mind into nature, time and space in order to actually connect and perceive existence from another’s perspective. The brain facilitates this when the mind is geared towards this process of seeing the larger picture of awareness and the paradox of individuality. The brain detracts from this when the mind is geared towards perceiving separation and difficulty between selves.

The perception of the self on the outside, the other self, is a mirror reflection of the perception of the individual’s various internal aspects of self, the parts that make of the whole. The internal interconnectedness reflects in the outer ability to connect and perceive as a whole.


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