Compressed Time Within the Simulator

Now this goes to the next level.

The brain to machine interface and simulator technology allows for a designated “mind-space” through which individuals can meet in one or the other’s “dream”. It is as much a technologically created space as it is “in the mind”. It is as much as a simulation, as it is an enhanced viewing of the mind of another or the individual’s own mind.

Along with this technology imagine that because the conscious experience is being routed through supercomputers designed to handle information like a brain would, that experience can be programmed in.

An experience can literally be programmed by programmers who are capable of building worlds and scenarios that the brain will receive as real and then the person will end up back in the physical environment seeing through their body. One would have to have the ability to discern between simulation and this reality by knowing what cannot be processed by the supercomputer.

Now the next level. Imagine that the individuals in the device are capable of acting as those programmers. Imagine if one could operate within the simulator, as well as activate the ability to program information and scenarios into the simulator.

So because the actual experience of the consciousness within those moments are processed by a supercomputer, this computer then can enhance the process and ‘write’ more information into what would normally be a single set of experiences in time or a moment.

As a result, the brain can process so much, the supercomputer can process more information simultaneously, so the person experiencing time can experience more of what we call experience in the present moment, within a shorter amount of time, as they are programming the experiences themselves.

This may sound confusing at first but it’s very simple. The brain can process so much, the supercomputer can load more information into a single moment that the consciousness is aware of. The result is that the experiences in the simulator can compress and load enough information for there to be a variety of experiences and times that could normally require a day or two in the physical yet would only seem to take a few minutes or hours within the simulator.

Too much information at once overloads the brain when the experiences are returned and so it is dangerous.

What this indicates is that time can be converted and distorted through this process.

For a very simple understanding of this, see it this way. It takes hours to watch the movie “Inception” in this physical reality using the brain. Within a simulator, the entire movie could be compressed, using supercomputers and a brain to machine interface, to within a few seconds or minutes. How is this possible? Because the supercomputer is able to isolate the consciousness and then the individual can experience more information in relativity to other experiences or senses within the simulator which can all be organized within a very different time scale. They are not dependent on bio-chemical processes within the brain.

Now imagine that you are writing the script for the movie, as it is being watched. You can go through information, create information, explore the mind or unconscious realm, make many decisions and journeys, all within a fraction of the time it would normally take.

So the idea is that a programmer can simulate enhanced time by compressing more information into an experience, but then when the experiencer is also the programmer of that experience, they can then go deeper into ‘time’ and literally compress more time into a single experience. Similar to a dream, yet entirely controlled through technology.

3 thoughts on “Compressed Time Within the Simulator

  1. Awesome post. So what does it mean for us? What do we do with this information or how do we apply it in our every day life? Thanks Aug.


    1. To start you could know that this technology exists and it has been used for training. As far as daily life we have to see where we are heading as a society and what kind of decisions we will have to make regarding the continuation of this kind of technology in public. This is just one of many and gene-modification is another issue. The goal is to learn to discern the knowledge of the true self from the simulation. In ways this “real” world could be considered the kind of original hologram or projection. That isn’t to say that life is a hologram but that this plane has a unique ability to be programmed and guided through the knowledge of the language encoded into the system of life.


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