Advances In Cloning

There is something that needs to be said regarding the cloning technology and general situation. There are advances in cloning that have been made that allow for the process to advance a person’s memory and maturity to the level where the cloning process does not result in a ‘brand-new’ kind of consciousness on par with that of a baby where impulses cannot be controlled and emotions are entirely off the charts.

The initial aspect of cloning resulted in a person who was essentially a baby in an adult’s body. Now imagine a baby in an adult’s body with the life and power of a wealthy adult. Things got out of hand fairly quickly.

That is not the extent of the technology as it is today or when I last witnessed it in 2010. There is technology that has been designed which allows for the possibility of “revving up” the mental maturation process safely and to the degree where a person who was “just born” can be neuro-chemically and psycho-spiritually brought to the same level of maturity of their existence that they were when the left off. If the person desires to completely disregard this process, sure, they can find themselves in an undesirable situation, but the situation regarding uncontrollable impulse and a complete collapse of mental-psychological hierarchy was remedied utilizing advanced forms of technology which can imprint lessons and memories onto the human mind using scalar technology and brain to machine interface.

This is just one breakthrough technology regarding the cloning situation that is not being touched upon and part of a whole series of releases which will change the way people understand reality.

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