Jay Parker on Good Vibrations # 57 with Mark Devlin – SRA and Trauma-Based Mind Control – Feb. 2015

  • From 5000 BC
  • To poison the morphogenic field
  • Fractures consciousness and enables mind control
  • Monarch Program
  • Old Religion
  • Reality is a Collective Hologram
  • In The Age of Information, We Have a Choice
  • The Programmable Nature of Consciousness
  • John Lash http://www.metahistory.org/
  • Self-Responsibility, Spirituality and Mind Control
  • Hypnagogic Early Life
  • Subconscious Created By Parents, Environment, Life Programming
  • People Tend to Marry and Reproduce Without Deeper Knowledge of Reality
  • Conspiracy of Civilization-Wide Mind Control
  • Lloyd Pie, Lloyd Pye – Everything You Know Is Wrong
  • Ancient ET Gene Modification
  • Programmable Nature of Consciousness, People are naturally product of their culture/society
  • Oxygen producing plankton are dying en masse
  • This is like when a firing squad fires all at once and only a few have actual bullets, the rest have blanks. No one effect will kill people, a lack of awareness and combination of multiple effects will influence the population over time
  • Attain Knowledge, Share Knowledge with those who seek it, Do not Overwhelm Others
  • The world will only change when the hearts and minds of the people change
  • This is a collective reality
  • Deprogram The Subconscious




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