Life-Support Bio-Regenerators, The Energy Bodies, and Nanites

Bio-emissions influence others, the self and the world. We can see ourselves as someone who wants to heal many people even though the simple truth is not many people want to be healed.

Life Generators and Inorganic Control

The bio-regeneration devices are capable of providing healing or what is the equivalent of nutrients to a living body through an emission field. From what I remember this uses some kind of crystal or crystal arrangement, electrical or electromagnetic components and operates similar to a generator. This provides sustenance for the living body to those in craft or a underground base/station. Eating is not necessary and the energetic body is fed.

At some point in history, a frequency or electromagnetic ‘virus’ infected the machine. This developed what can be called a “complex” infection which utilized an energetic aspect and a physical aspect to propagate through the system.

Slowly everyone connected to this system for life-support became similarly infected with the virus.

The Fall of Man

The previous cosmic “war” that Humanity and other races were involved in, ‘before’ Earth or simultaneously depending on how you look at it, was sourced from this infection. The source of this infection is believed to be a higher-dimensional subset of the same energy which animates the brain, it was essentially a bodiless virus.


At this point, the virus gained a physical network through which it can propagate itself. This is the system of nanites and nano-synthetic material through which it infects the physical body of Humanity and Earth.

The energetic form of this body is witnessed as the implants which are seen to infect and attach into what can be called a person’s “aura”, energy body, or etheric body. This is a little more complicated to explain as the energy bodies extend into time and space and so this kind of attachment is a kind of attachment that exists outside of this physical layer but hovers right “above” it, presenting itself as ideas or frequency limitations.

Bio-Emission Conversion/Absorption

The same has happened to Earth’s energy or etheric body and in the same way this induces probabilities or possibilities in a human’s life this has resulted in entire streams of time and reality which are disconnected from what we can call the original version of a pure and healthy energy projection system.

Temporal Manipulation/Perceptual Distortion

See that this is all about the possibilities, the probabilities and that is all there are. This all works, reality works, through probabilities and possibilities and that is all everything is.

Our energy systems determine where we will go and what we will see in higher space. How our life will grow and what aspects of the self we will refine or develop. We instantly keep the energy body clean, simply by projecting harmonious, clear, focused or relaxed energy which has a point to serve the development of the whole. As a child, this is easy, everything benefits the development of the whole. As you grow, this becomes more difficult, you’ve already seen many things and must come to terms with what you have seen and where you will go next thus the refinement level gets more intense.

The manipulative force utilizes frequency inhibitions as well as enhancements in order to override the progression of the self and the expansion process. When this happens the possibilities, probabilities, and thus potential realities which the self traverses life in a way that results in more of the self, lessens. In other words, it inhabits, infiltrates, or assumes the observing self of the innate being and attempts to convert the body into a bio-emissions generator for its own energy system.

The Body Reflects The Energy of The Mind In A Different Phase

To clean the body is more difficult and it takes a prolonged state of energy disruption for the body to feel the effects, yet it is instantaneous that the energy structure is changed and the mind or observing self can feel and see the results of that. This is similar to the body, the body can be damaged and the mind instantly feels it, yet if the body is slightly changed in temperature it is not so much going to affect the mind unless we are completely exposed to the elements. If an aspect of the emotional, etheric, or pain body is changed this is felt instantly and obviously to the mind and that is because the mind observes the energy bodies which influence and shape the physical body. The mind views the physical body as well, yet the energy bodies naturally shape the physical body, while the physical body is naturally shaped by the mind and energy. If the physical body is doing all the shaping and all the influencing, then the natural harmonious flow has been disrupted and this will be apparent when only external stimuli can influence the mind. This is reversed.

Our energy bodies literally determine the future states we experience as they are literally the ‘future’ and ‘past’ wrapped up dimensionally into an energetic format which can be contained in and as an auric field around and in the body. It is overlayed over the physical perceptions and is actually the source of both where we’ve been and where we’re going.

The Energy Body, The Future Potential State Is The Target

If the energy body, the mind can be targeted then the future state of the consciousness and the body itself can be influenced. This is about an overall effect of subverting the future state of the Human race by reducing the amount of possible variables or options until there is only continued motion towards a singularity with the source of the manipulation or influence.

This influence is sourced from the energetic level and as people lose the variability in perspective via manipulation from etheric implant and mind control, the possibilities they have access to shrink dimmer and dimmer until there is only a set of programs which operate to fulfill the energetic infiltration energy requirements.

It has been said that the virus cannot live without the host.


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