An Open Letter to You

If you are stable you will realize that our appearances are not the most important here and that your ability to help others is equivalent to your ability to calm yourself and maintain focus on the task at hand. Read Aaron McCollums ebook called the Transhumanism Pandemic, also Wes Penres papers on the situation. These texts explain what others are leaving out in their communications. I only fully agree with what I post word for word, however we can find helpful information all around.

You are to help the population know the truth and awaken past the programming and mind control. That is your ability to help others. If you are not doing that, what are you doing? Setting up for a big war? Then you and only you will be held responsible for such choices. It is up to you and if you handle your energy harmoniously you will change the world.

If you didn’t notice others have been talking about this situation for years. If you can help harmonize Humanity and unify them then you will change the world. People do not want to listen to someone who cannot go a day without reacting negatively.

If you were truly in a dire situation then you would be able to see over people’s chaos, not rely on it to suit your own psychological needs.

Relax, breathe deeper and slower, clean your food intake, research others who have proved themselves honest and help others do the same. If you awaken your internal energy you can heal yourself and others that is your true purpose.

Everything is a distraction except that which you learned by questioning yourself and everything you experience. Don’t be a puppet, pick how you want to change the world, leave violence out of it and take steps to helping others free themselves from the system.

They did not tell you of the advanced computer systems yet you must understand everything on your own through asking the right questions. If you can’t help yourself and choose not to ask then no one can help you. If you have to lash out at others you are definitely in distress and attempting to spread that distress to others. You are part of the future society, from another time where things are different. Your memory was wiped so you could come here and perform this task.

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