Advanced Healing Technology

Chemical Hydration

Chemical Oxygenation

Healing Serum

An injectable serum which hyperactivates the healing and repairing power of white-blood cells and the post-stem cells responsible for regeneration of tissue. Over use of this damages the telomeres and introduces a higher likelihood of genetic mutation.

Tissue Regeneration

Scalar devices can be used to enhance the biological operation on a cellular level and given the right nutrient rich environment can regenerate tissue much faster.

There is also a nanite enhanced version of this process but due to the interference that is associated with this form of technology it is not recommended.

Scalar Operation/Surgery

Scalar devices can be used to specifically target tissue layers at various depths and surgery can be done without breaking the surface of the skin.

Scalar Molecular Realignment

Similar to the passive energy, scalar devices can be used to correct specific frequency distortions in the physical or non-physical biology and this can induce healing or health at a faster rate.

Passive Energy

Devices exist which can be utilized to assist and purify the energy field of Earth and this has a beneficial effect on all living entities in the area. Grass, vegetables, trees, animals, everything grows stronger and more harmoniously. The harmony is contained within the biology of a living being. If we restore that internal harmony then the body and mind is better capable of repairing.

This was discovered years ago and consists of simple shapes which transmit the energy where some kinds can be made to emit from an external energy source.

DNA Repair

Chemicals and frequencies can be utilized along with psychic clearing and exploration to activate latent aspects of the DNA which are capable of repairing and resolving genetic distortions.


DNA , telomeres, white blood cells, stem cells, tissues and cellular memory relates to aging and regression.

Trauma Removal/Psychological Clearing and Exploration

The trauma removal can occur from a chemical and physical stimulus based activation of fears or distortions in memory and psychology. As well, frequencies can be combined to activate certain stressors of the psyche and challenge the conscious mind to expand the scope of awareness beyond the preconceived boundaries. Knowledge is kept within the mind and can be unleashed. In order to gain the ability to integrate such knowledge the conscious mind must be free of belief-systems that are based on distortion of the true self.

Memory Repair/Revival

Targeting specific areas of the brain to assist in activation and to specifically target certain frequencies that influence the “spiritual” body and DNA can reconnect one to memories that were previously inaccessible. This is based largely on trauma and the way the conscious/ego mind works with selective memory and attention. Another aspect is the “long-term” memory loss that is due to the energetic changes of Earth as well as the biological changes of Humanity on a genetic level.

The brain can operate to reveal the unconscious memory stored there and the DNA level of consciousness can be accessed to reveal the hidden knowledge stored there which reaches across the boundaries of each self in time.


Nanite Assisted Biology

One version of the advanced technology utilizes nanites which in turn have been compromised by a binary consciousness sentience. These are physical forms lately and primarily an etheric form of technology which interacts with biology through the bio-emission field.



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