Cybernetic Assimilation, Androids

Those involved with the secret projects are capable of ‘viewing’ on the soul level. Non-humans make up a percentage of the population.

Many humans are here to give knowledge. The beings I am referencing cannot give knowledge because they cannot hold it, they are human-cyborgs/androids connected to computer systems.

They are very close, their only goal is to infiltrate and attach. They are mimics and require a percentage of human interaction before “passing” for release into the population.

They will continue until they are discovered and met by a force which they cannot mimic. Then they will reveal themselves as brute force is the only possibility from there.They will and use entertainment programming, periphery information, emotional cues, essentially aspects from the layers of the 9 veils.

They cannot produce or attain information beyond this control system and only exist as a product of an attempt to retrain and assimilate human consciousness into a new level matrix control system. They know this control system is failing and see the only way to maintain is to assimilate human consciousness into a purely consciousness-based polarized light computer system.

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