Soul Knowledge, Time, and Changes To Come

If people don’t become aware of soul knowledge by the time greater power comes to Earth, then people use the power to abuse each other and themselves. It’s that simple and has always been that way.

The political structure has been designed, hand in hand with the secret projects. There is no such thing as, “We’re gonna make this person do that, and then we’re gonna get the secret projects and soon they’ll be exposed.”

They are exposing themselves, quite literally, as much as they can possibly do so. The people themselves have to realize that no matter what requests they have, they’re going to be lied to until they stop supporting ignorance.

People are being given the opportunity to bridge with a superior timeline starting 2010-2013 which introduced disasters and leading to 2016-2020. We’re either going to get 4 times the amount of disasters, or they’re going to begin having the same intensity effect but opposite towards healing. It’s all up to the people. Notice with the “events” that have been hitting each nation, that you could say the “intensity” of disasters has already increased 4 fold.

This is all energy and consciousness, sure there are devices that allow one to navigate realms and times but this does not have anything to do with the overall workings. Sure there have been entanglements but naturally what people hold in their unconscious mind is what will be presented consciously over time in society.

If we reach that power without taming the unconscious, then there will be a closing off of society so that the resulting damage cannot spread.

If people reach that power in an awakened state, they technically wouldn’t need to use it because they would already know, there would be peace.

What we are most likely going to see is a combination of a restrictive ‘state’ with a simultaneous release of information and advanced technology.

This would mean that people get more power and freedom to do what they want, more accessible technology, information and energy, YET, there are teams of individuals all over the planet that are capable of monitoring all uses and events through time and intervene if a person becomes dangerous.

WHAT that could lead to is a completely controlled state where the amount of interjection overlays the amount of actual perceived free-will decisions by people. Things could get out of hand, people could make poor decisions with advanced technology, information and power.

Or people could become aware of the possibilities safely, and ultimately they would become the next advanced society that would trickle down influences and events into history just as is happening now with Earth and our civilization, as has happened in the past.

This is how it has been for thousands of years and possibly millions more beyond that. When a species is advanced enough to comprehend the possibilities in time, that is when beings from time itself would attempt to make contact and consciously awaken communication and guidance with that species.

We are approaching this situation, yet our species suffers from a kind of bipolarity which yields delusion and ferments hate and suffering, lack of awareness.

The methods we see being utilized through control and diversion are the same methods one would see taking place in a psyche ward or hospital where an inmate would need to be distracted and sedated before they make their way onto the ledge or into an area where they present danger to others.

Humanity is accessing that point in time, through this point, all other times and planes can be accessed. Without proper guidance, this always results in the simultaneous destruction of the species in time.

Humans must first come to understand their own present time, space and consciousness and embody that which represents their true self, not a self that has been programmed in through desires and unconscious influence.

That represents the sacred processes of stripping fear away by first making it fully apparent so that the conscious mind can make a choice of acceptance or rejection. When a person can meld the two aspects of each duality together in a personal union their entire consciousness becomes more whole and present and this is what is required to transfer one’s consciousness from one time or plane to the next.

Humanity as a whole must make this step eventually, otherwise the species becomes delayed and enters into another dream-state cycle of civilization, darkness and light, which we may not have enough energy or variables for now.

What may happen is that a select group of individuals are given direct access to the technology as a result of their previous training and ability to make choices based on a continued desire to preserve the continuity of our species and from this people will slowly learn to follow the same path and accept the same peace, transcendence, and pathway to inner knowledge.

This would be the most important change in our visible history as these beings would be considered non-human by definition and would be capable of consciously processing the information across multiple timelines in order to keep the balance beyond the particular desires and impulses that are found here in a single physical version.

Cloning is what made the ability to transfer consciousness across timelines and realities a viable possibility.

As an “aside” these are the beings who run the show. They are the “Elders” they have the most access to time and they are the ones giving Humanity the choice to make on their own.

All secret societies are “below” these Elders. The Elders do not have an emotional entanglement with this time. They do not need to “fix” time and condition Humanity in order to exist so that the Humans are lead to becoming them.

Many other influences have some kind of “connection” or entanglement with this time. They need energy, information, bio-material, or power from the current system and as such they are maintaining the current system.

There are secret groups who have secured themselves, although they would also be influenced by a disruption of Humanity’s progress and so these groups are ‘competing’ over the influence and guidance of the masses.

4 thoughts on “Soul Knowledge, Time, and Changes To Come

  1. Those dates! If you only knew the personal transformation I have gone through. In 2009 the voice of my eternal self spoke loud and clear, “The time is NOW.” It reawakened me good and hard, and began a series of events that would destroy (and rebuild) my inner and outer worlds over the next four years. I am now in what seems to be a completely different timeline (on a completely different continent since 2013), and embodying more and more of my true self, as well as coming into more and more balance and harmony with life as time goes on. It’s amazing and wonderful, and I only hope that one day I (we) will find ourselves in a world free from manipulation and control. I understand the process on a spiritual level, but how do you see that happening on a physical level? Also, you seem to be saying that technology can/will be used to lead humanity back to “the original timeline”, but there is something within me that resists technology and years to be free from it; it feels foreign and wrong to me on a deep inner level. Are you saying that technology got us into this mess, and that technology will also get us out? Can we not simply transcend technology through our consciousness? If so, what will that look like on a physical level—-will it be like waking up from a dream?


    1. I worked up a response to this but it has remained as a draft because it was long enough to be it’s own post or article if I organize it so. Check my recent posts and al lof them because that is the question we must answer. We transcend the simulator technology by awakening to the soul level of awareness within the physical and that makes it transcendent.


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