Soul Assimilation and True Self

If people do not learn fast enough, an operation will be enacted to activate certain conditions and scenarios to give them more incentive to take this all more seriously.

The problem is, if people use the system to become aware of the system, then the system has them.

The idea is that people must know the self and understand how the
consciousness works. We have to be able to discern between layers of
awareness of brain functioning, biological programming and pure
awareness or energetic awareness which is ‘faster’ or beyond physical
interaction. There are levels of the human that is vulnerable to
manipulation, essentially ‘the mind has no firewall’, yet the connection
that the human has with the source of existence beyond time and
physicality is that which cannot be corrupted. We have to live and
experience life from the seat of that perspective, instead of just the
linear physical aspect which can be rewritten, programmed or corrupted
through subversive means. The secret societies and projects
simultaneously sought to define what it is that must be done to protect
humanity and part of that was exposing individuals to the threat in
order to better gauge what is at risk.

Time itself is a kind of illusion of consciousness. In order to see the truth we have to become aware of consciousness.

Consciousness cannot be used to become aware of consciousness. Consciousness cannot see itself, that would be like a flash light being used to look at itself. At best, one can reflect the light off of other surfaces and look closely.

Consciousness then is the production of values and symbols which can be utilized to communicate certain relative ideals and principles which influence a process or a series of events.

The culminating ‘ahah’ that consciousness leads up to but cannot actually work to describe in material terms is awareness.

Awareness works as if it is designed to witness itself by witnessing everything that it influences. Awareness is the silent unspoken desire that leads to inner configurations and appropriations which lead to conscious experiences, decisions or outward observations. The source of consciousness is the awareness of physically limited changes and series of events taking place, while the source of awareness is simply awareness itself or the ‘original cause’ of the existence of all.

When people are not aware of their consciousness and are merely running preconceived patterns and programmed responses which rely on emotional cues or patterns of behaviour which do not require awareness of what is happening on a deeper level (and often require such a lack of awareness) then they become ‘pawns’ to whoever has the awareness and knowledge of which cues to use and what programs to run in order to get what response.

there are 9 veils which are like a kind of technology of frequencies
and routed consciousness patterns which block a person’s memory from
accessing more than they are allotted by the said 9 veils. The view we have under the veils is the smallest most disconnected view a human can have and still remain in the Universe.

The veils essentially enter one’s creationary sphere, the mind-space, and conform the patterns which naturally transcend, expand, and integrate into the larger pattern of the Universe in a way which cuts them off from such interaction of the self and the Universe.

Eventually it is witnessed that we are always interacting with the self as an interactive learning experience. The veils or any influence tries to insert itself into the experiencing of the self in order to gain that “aha” awareness of the viewing source and in this way replacing the original self. People are living and giving their energy of mind and body away to an experiencing self that is not actually sourced from their true identity as a being of awareness.

This sounds like physical time, history and society is a kind of ‘delusion’ that developed, and there have been experiments shown to prove that when the frequencies of the mind and body return to their natural harmonious state, this world appears to be just that and melts away into a kind of matrix system that has to have existed by design. Or at least catastrophic coincidence.

Life in itself then seems to be a part of the catastrophic coincidence, but it is the way in which memory has been continually restricted from accessing the truth to the result of an entire society falling ‘asleep’ into a false-perceptual state of feedback with the system which has rapidly become the ‘self’ and the ‘command-center’ for the conscious mind, the ego.

The inner self cannot be replaced or corrupted. The majority of people are viewing from the conscious ego mind with no other integration of knowledge regarding the unconscious depth of awareness that exists through the activation of the body and mind. As a result people are vulnerable to this kind of situation and this also indicates that if people wake up to the reality of consciousness and existence as a reflection and not an objective truth then they can heal the issues with reality.

Because people don’t realize it’s a reflection of the self, then the conscious mind becomes programmed and accessed through the media and other routines and thus the self becomes encoded to recreate this kind of existence over and over again thinking it is objective reality when it is actually a subjective reality that the mind has been programmed to continually recreate.

This repetition is what has delayed humanity for years, as the previous ages had advanced technology and awareness beyond the confines of physicality, the knowledge of symbolism and the unconscious.

This is an age where people get the opportunity to progress past programming that people have experienced for many years, but they must come together and collectively form that reality.

have to become awakened to your self beyond the physical limitations
and you have to stop feeding the false-self through the false-self
system which relies only on the physical embodiment. If you can, help
your fellow humans see what is happening. The full waking up process
targets and clears all trauma and is a sacred and possibly dangerous
task and so it will be handled accordingly as each individual approaches
the horizon. The main issue is that people are giving their
self-awareness and free-will away to a system which degrades their sense
of self and free-will.

What this ‘self beyond the physical’ describes is the soul-knowledge of the REASONS why a person is the way they are. It is down to mental programming based on memory and then unconscious archetypal identities that exist within the unconscious and initiate angles through which the self can grow and witness the Universe through time.

We are not physical objects, we are a creative force animating the body and momentarily we have the opportunity to unify with the body and in this way bring the body upwards into an energetic perspective, something the brain cannot attain on its own.

A brain without this process is just a consciousness emitter, while this process includes a connection with the source of creation of the physical matter outside of time and space.

The idea is to intellectually stimulate while searching for the means to express the divine presence of the self.

2 thoughts on “Soul Assimilation and True Self

    1. The conscious mind is not perceiving a relatively higher level of knowledge from the unconscious mind. Thus the physical self is perceived as separate from the material self. This represents a tendency towards over masculinity, and a resulting imbalance between feminine and masculine.

      Self-responsibility is traded for illusory self and self-awareness decreases as a result. Through this decreased self-awareness people hurt each other and the environment while descending further into a lack of awareness of the physical and immaterial self.

      The disconnect occurs first within the immaterial self, and so the immaterial self must be found and accepted again while the material self can still harbor such a learning experience.


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