The Basics of Wave Propagation

This was going to be an article but maybe just seeing some videos and patterns will help.

Penrose Tiling

Consciousness, is a wave.

This indicates that consciousness is a probability. It is a quantum potential. Not a solid object, a concrete reality, a tangible secretion.

A wave contains information, similar to how sound and light waves can be used to encode information. The field of consciousness is an emission of information that is relative to a fundamental pattern.

The conscious information of the brain contains the patterns of biology that are relative to the neuro-chemical interactions of matter and energy which work to reflect the ‘broadcast’ of spiritual awareness or pure awareness without the physical aspect.

The act of experiencing in itself is a non-physical aspect, so consciousness as the conscious processes and unconscious processes is merely a non-physical aspect of awareness which is relative to the particular way neuro-chemistry and biology can vary in a given situation.

Without the biology there would still be the experience of pure awareness, but the matter of the brain can be aware and will operate to express divine awareness which is non-physical in nature.

This could be summed by saying that what we view as matter and singularity in the physical experience or Universe is a limitation of our given Universe.

The Projection of The Self


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