Lower Awareness Leads to Assimilation

The system is designed to target those who are incapable of controlling their own mind-energy or mind-space.

The system only seeks assimilation because of the nature of humanity and truth.

Truth and harmony, health and order is what we seek. Yet we create illusion, distortion, chaos and disease on a mass scale.

Even if we do not feel responsible, humanity has been set up with the burden.

A system observing humanity will categorize and classify individuals on a level of awareness ranging from the ability to acknowledge and transcend this dual nature to an inability to balance these internal components of chaos and harmony.

Those who choose to live in a world that is governed by external authority will be given probabilistic outcomes that are extensions of that.

That is assimilation, their minds will be given “life-plans” through which they can experience the world and every aspect will be observed. It may seem like a genuine experience of the self, yet without the integration of the truth that humanity holds as well as the illusory nature of consciousness and reality, they will not perceive that reality is being guided by an overarching technological system, just as people do not perceive the beginnings of this now.

In short, if people give away their power to co-create then it is assimilated for them and their creationary power becomes organized along with the larger technological system of consciousness.