Narrow Minded Destruction

What if the narrow-mindedness of people in this civilization threatens to destroy the entire civilization?

What if there was a previous Universe that occurred where this was confronted with acceptance and a desire to assist people learn and know the self and this failed?


One thought on “Narrow Minded Destruction

  1. You are astute to point out this probability and that we may be facing another failed experiment. In the Seth material, he describes this as the “outer” egos gone wild which will make physical survival very difficult.

    From what you’ve written, I see, and feel, that you are very spiritually advanced, to say the least. What you are attempting to disseminate is desperately needed by humanity – much gratitude for doing this. Of the various SSP whistleblowers, the information you are providing is the most vital for us to be aware of.

    The only reason that I, personally, can understand what you are expressing is because I have studied the Seth material. You are spot-on in saying:

    “The issue here is that people are not very comfortable with having a larger intelligence inform them how their existence is a kind of illusion.”

    In fact, they resent it and, tragically, this is to the grave detriment of all.

    In stating that there is no beginning and no end, it would be ideal to attempt to define why this is the truth. If you’re not directly familiar with some of the Seth material, it may be helpful to your dissemination – not because it would be anything new to you but because the concepts are expressed as simply as possible. I can direct you to specific material if you are interested.

    Thank you, Aug.


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