Universal Recurrence, The Illusion of Linearity and a Unified Awareness Theory

If there is no multi-verse, then what is the time of this Universe “contained” within? And what does the space of this Universe sit “within”?

If we are to believe that the Universe contracts and expands and each time there is an explosion which repeats creation and destruction with small variables changed, then would it be so far fetched to assume that this is actually motion in higher space involving one entire Universe moving through ‘hyperspace’ at the moment of unification and then reappearing on the other end of the ‘vortex’ where there is a new Universal space?

Space then, is akin to geometry and causality and they are linked through more than abstraction or coincidence. They are the reflection of one another. In other words, time itself is linked to the space of the Universe that the viewer is inhabiting and that by moving to new experience we are moving to new Universal space. Because of the holographic nature of existence, each photon participates in this same act of transference continually and if reasonable enough an entire individual, group or Universe could possibly transition through this as well.

As sourced from the physical body and brain, consciousness is not adequate with achieving the level of awareness or simultaneous processing which allows for the actual experience of the occurrence of anything in this Universe. The physical realm can at best only produce a holographic reflection via the neuronal system.

The frame rate of actual existence goes beyond what the brain and physical body contains the capacity for. Thus this reality is organized towards the ascent of consciousness out of physical nature and into the awareness of the non-physical or immaterial self beyond the confines of one single time and space but as a collection of occurrences in infinitesimally small and large expansions of numerous yet singular times and spaces. It is ultimately a paradox where the initial beginning and end of every cycle can reflect the awareness of the internal observing self.

The unconscious mind contains the wealth of information which surpasses anything the conscious mind can attain. The conscious mind could be seen as an inverse of the function of the subconscious mind to access reality as states of a probabilistic majority cloud without true certainty or direct confirmation of linearity.

When the conscious mind is deconstructed, dissolved, or amplified we see in proportional relation to the whole, like recursive fractal geometry, how infinitesimally small the “conscious” view is relative to the “unconscious” view.

We move downward through levels of probability from the all happening into lesser and lesser sets of possible changes and experience. Then it moves back through a similar pattern to the occurrence of all happening again in experience.

The only rectifier of knowledge that makes itself apparent here is that the individual viewing or observing self must organize awareness and perception in such a way that will allow for the instantaneous transgression and collapse of the physical structure into an infinitesimally small proportion of the original in order to be expanded again on “another” side of whatever this space is held to.

We may exist as an “inverse” function of the world of a non-physical nature of experience, existence and time, or from the other side “no-time.

The physical senses and perceptions we use to build the physical world may be as causally linked with consciousness as is time and space. What is perceived as separate represents our individual perspective of linear limitation and is ultimately a revelation about the self and the particular way we choose to observe and build our perspective.

The paradox of linearity and conscious perception of individuality is mirrored through space and time, and the true causes and effects of all moments and the Universe itself cannot ever be fully ascertained. The mere observation and expectation of finding more information and more time, more possible experience, probabilities or variables will create the resulting effect of that cause and the cycle continues forever. Without the initial observation, there is no physical explanation of cause and effect, space and time and no requirements to achieve such.

It can be said that cause and effect are neither one before or after the other but are simultaneous occurrences as if a product of processing of a higher order function beyond the physical occurrence and physics behind the experience.

It is a simultaneous result of the occurrence/presence of the conscious observer. In that way linearity does not have to ‘lead’ up to cyclic awareness or an awareness of no-time, it merely has to present a generally believable or cognitively viable explanation for continuity that allows an ever changing cascade of perceptions and input that continues the process of its own simultaneous existence beyond the perception of linear cause and effect.

The idea is that this happens naturally, constantly, as long as the “pages” of the Universe are open in the book of existence. Which page one is turned to is more of a cloud of probabilities that are always either or but never a complete confirmation. As long as there is an observer viewing the self then there is complete activation of the life-experience in time. There is no singular moment, this is a projection via consciousness to inhabit space as the past and the future are “held” from view when they are actually occurring at the same “time”.

The focus here is that this occurs continually, what can happen then to progress is to REMAIN CONSCIOUS during the shift from one moment to the next, one Universe to the next, or one state of awareness to the next. To remain aware and conscious so that the awareness can use the combined experience and navigate more effectively to even higher combined (simultaneous) experience.

There is no one true self, or true original because there is no beginning or end. It begins as a quantum probability, ends as a quantum probability and we can merely paint stimulating storylines in the meantime.


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