A Concise Introduction To The Situation


I was utilized with Solar Warden a space fleet that uses cloning and advanced technology. As well as MiLabs which is a military abduction program and utilizes advanced technology developed around WWII through NAZI factions, secret society effort (vril, thule, ordo templi orentis and others), and Tesla’s work.

We are told that original technology was found underground in a base that was already constructed and was from another time or civilization.

Celebrity Cloning

The celebrities are in a situation where their bodies are cloned and they are used for profit and for pay to play sessions in the underground bases through technology which can transfer consciousness between bodies from an original body.

Genetic Engineering and Cybernetics

This was developed as a means for technological immortality by the elite.

Along with this genetic programs were produced and resulted in genetically enhanced soldiers that can operate on psychic levels as well as extreme physical efficiency.

Then there were genetically engineered non-humanoids which are a form of created programmable life and these are what people are seeing all over.

Extra-Dimensional Experience

This is actually branching into the paranormal and the study of the occult and soul-knowledge which was part of the purpose of the secret projects and secret societies goals where the nature of consciousness and reality is a kind of quantum paradox that reflects a cloud of probable realities depending on the perceptual field one expresses WITHIN.

Three Phases Of The Unveiling of The Hidden Knowledge (Of The Ages of Humanity)

What is happening now is there will be three phases of “The Unveiling of The Hidden Knowledge” which is the knowledge regarding the source and nature of consciousness, the Universe, and the secret projects which fomented a great deal of change in the process.

Phase 1

Phase 1 is the celebrity cloning situation and the underground bases which contain mind control facilities and operations.

Along with this comes the information regarding the complete propagation of the current control system as a form of mind control. None of the polls are accurate, none of the news is news, everything that is shown publicly is meant to induce a mind-state that serves the goal of controlling the mind and the access to knowledge of the true self and reality.

Phase 2

Phase 2 is the information regarding the advanced technology and the capabilities of controlling all aspects of time/space to the point of introducing rapid healing methods, mind deprogramming methods, electrogravitic travel, temporal dissociation, genetic activation and enhancement, mental simulation and activation, age-regression or de-aging, and many other facets that are described at this link.

Also included in this phase is the invention of the brain to machine interface/”brainchip” which allows for the scalar, mind-link to equipment or technology meaning the input is hands free.

This also made other operations involving enhanced perception and viewing more easily controlled.

Advanced Healing Technology

Phase 3

Phase 3 is the information regarding temporal occurrences and the manipulation or influence of history. The results of these experiments and operations on the timeline and Universe. The true nature of reality, consciousness and the discovery of the soul. The occurrence of transference of information via the “future”. And the occurrence of “Contact” with other intelligence.

This is the write up on the veiling, a good amount of information but still does not touch on what is actually happening.

Unveiling Topics and Advanced Technology

Here is the “awakening” which is what the secret societies call the event where one is deprogrammed and rendered exposed to the wealth of information and experiences that occurred in the secret projects. Memory repression is the method that is coupled with drugs, technology and abuse making the control of recall possible.

Traumatization is used to separate the conscious self into multiple personalities which are separate and can be programmed to individually handle daily life or individually handle being programmed or used in operation.

The “Awakening” of 2010

Here’s the interview where I explain how I was faced with this as a child and the main occurrences and experiences were.

I was informed that Humanity is getting a chance to avoid complete destruction and will itself into awareness out of mind control and autonomous assimilation.

Use your free-will. Your free-will is powerful and can determine the outcome of your situation.

If you choose not to, then there is no excuse for you. You have been informed, and this will help you if you learn to build your trust in your own free-will instead of giving it away.

3 thoughts on “A Concise Introduction To The Situation

  1. I only got to listen to a portion of the above LNM show last night. What I find amazing is that you have survived your MILAB and other types of experiences, and have regained so much of your memories. It is obvious that the spark of Love in your Heart could not be extinguished, despite all they did. You are doing great work, Aug. There is so much info here it will take time to really ponder it all. Thank You!

    Liked by 1 person

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