Cloning, Cloud Supercomputing and Consciousness Transfer

Superluminal transfer of light information allows for the reception of information from a temporal non-locality.  A computer system that can process the information faster than light at 100% superconductive efficiency can send and receive information from different Universal harmonics.

The are systems that generate a vortex which can be expanded to recreate the singularity of a non-local perspective and dissociate from the current Universal vector.

The technological capabilities of humanity expanded to include replicating the holographic information of the DNA and neural pathways using quantum supercomputers. This technology allows for one’s consciousness to stream through a computing system which can recreate the neural connections as literal as possible through quantum computing and technological “brain cells” which function as neurons.

The result is a cloud computing model which functions as the individual neurons as well as overunifying layers of interconnections within the technological neuronal ‘cloud’. A holographic representation of multiple layers of processing is formed, superimposed over one another through a geometry that is actively synchronized across multiple dimensions of interrelation. This is the first notion of a “living” computer system that can update and respond to new information in new ways.

Now the that computer system is capable of attaining faster than light processing in tandem with a system of dilating a field of electrogravitational waves into a vortex, the  holographic information of neural pathways and genetics can be transferred between one supercomputing system and another across “harmonic barriers”.

The frequency that the receiving computer  operates within can be measured in respect to the overall harmonic “vector field” in accordance with the entire planetary environment. A pattern can be generated based on quantum fluctuations that will act as a key that can be accessed from other Universes. This same backdrop is measured and then adjusted to resonate or replicate with the same frequency on a computer doing the sending. This frequency is then modulated with the holographic information of the neural pathways and DNA. The information transfers as a result of quantum entanglement across harmonic barriers to the original computer system set up for reception. As long as that frequency is held, there is a link across the harmonic barriers of the Universe.

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