Does Reality Exist Without The Observer?

In what form does reality exist without the observer? How can this be understood or witnessed if the observer aspect instantly condenses that aspect to a manifested form instead of a potential?

Viewing Technology

A relatively new form of technology has answered the question while simultaneously producing new questions. The process involves the creation of a secondary technological observer system which acts as an observer aspect which can be extended outward in space and time which peers beyond the manifested reality that we perceive here and now. This is basically a camera which can look into the possibilities.

A Potential Acts Like A Wave

Everything outside the observer aspect functions like a wave. When this comes to the perception of reality, it means that there is a quantum “cloud” of potentials or possibilities anchored around the most likely and present probabilities enabled in the current physical perspective. The function of what is manifest is physically linearly connected to the particles that are ‘currently’ present and explains which quantum potential becomes the next “present”. This may be a superimposition via a holographic projection system through a live-updating process of writing to the holographic “disc” from the quantum level.

Is It Possible To Observe From The Potential Aspect?

What is the experience of the quantum potential on the other end of what we call existence here? One view is a blueprint, the other is the graphical user interface, the matrix. One could describe the blueprint as holographic information which is presented as the material reality, the holographic image. Can we read directly from the blueprint?

The Mind As a Link To Reality (space and time)

The external physical reality is a projection of the internal qualities of the mind as well as the sub-quantum level where there is only energy interacting with itself to produce various patterns and changes. It is through this state that everything is contained as energy and the body is connected to the mind which is capable of accessing this state through what is sometimes referred to as the unconscious.


Questions and Comments

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